5 Dress Code Rules for Prom: School Principals Become the New Fashion Police

As celebrities wear shorter, barer, sexier gowns for awards shows, it's no wonder that girls are looking for the same styles in prom gowns. In response, principals across the nation are cracking down on what students will be allowed to wear for prom.

Some schools have created detailed PowerPoint presentations for their websites, giving examples of what will get students turned away at the door on prom night. Although most of the dress codes focus on girls' attire, boys aren't left out. Most dress codes prohibit boys from wearing jeans, baggy pants, or sneakers. One dress code specifies that boys need to keep their shirts on all night with the line, "We don't care that you work out-keep your shirt on!"

Above are samples from the prom dress codes at Sunnyvale High School in Sunnyvale, TX; Southmoore High School in Moore, OK; and West Laurens High School in Dexter, GA.

Is your son or daughter going to prom this year, and do they have a dress code? Do you agree with these examples?

- By Joslyn Gray
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