Ban on Wearing Pajamas in Public Proposed. Really

Pajamas or loose-fitting red snowman pants? You decide.
Pajamas or loose-fitting red snowman pants? You decide.

One of the biggest problems afflicting our country today can be found on college campuses nationwide. That's right, pajamas as outerwear.

A parish commissioner in Louisiana is making it his mission to stop the madness. He wants to ban pajamas outside of the home.

"The moral fiber in our community is dwindling," Michael Williams tells Cado's KSDK local news. "If not now, when? Because its pajama pants today, next it will be underwear tomorrow."

He's right. No-pants sinners have already infected the coasts. If his proposal comes to fruition, he may be able to thwart the trend from spreading to his home state.

Williams had his lightning bolt idea during a shopping excursion. "I observed a couple of young men in loose fitting PJ's on, probably with their private parts about to come out and no underwear," he says.

Aghast, he lined up a attorney to help write an ordinance he'll soon present to a local Louisiana commission. It's clear to Williams that continued fallout from Katrina and the gulf oil spill has just served as a distraction from the real issue: excessive fleece in supermarkets. Still so many questions remain unanswered: Do pajama jeans count? How about spandex? Can there be an exception for bottoms with a boot cut? Where will the presidential candidates stand on this issue?