Bacon-scented cologne has arrived

Bacon cologne is here! Photo courtesy of
Bacon cologne is here! Photo courtesy of

We're not sure how it happened, but somehow bacon became trendy a few years ago, and is still turning up everywhere in the form of bacon bourbon, bacon brownies, and even in the popular new Denny's Baconalia sundae. People are obsessed with bacon!

This year there has also been a new trend of fragrances that smell like weird things. We recently discovered a fragrance that smells like money, while Lady Gaga's new perfume will smell like blood and semen. There's even a cologne that's made out of poop. Gross! With that in mind, a bacon cologne doesn't sound too bad, and we feel like it was only a matter of time before guys desired a gentle spritz of eau de bacon.

A company called Farginnay have launched Bacōn, a pungent scent available in Classic (a spicy maple) and Gold (a sizzling citrus). The site explains an old legend behind the formula they claim goes back to a Parisian butcher named John Farginnay in 1920. If that's true, well, the dude was ahead of his time.

The creators say Bacōn has "subtle and seductive powers." We'll admit, the smell of bacon is unmistakable and often makes our mouths water, but is this what guys want from a cologne? Maybe. Watch this video to see Bacōn cologne in action and grab a bottle here for $36 to smell it yourself.

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