The Secret to Looking 5 Pounds Thinner -- Without Dieting (Psst, it's in Your Closet)

Celebrities always look amazing. OK, that might be a slight exaggeration, but with trainers, personal chefs, and enough cash for any type of slimming treatment (like one of these), they have all the tools to look fabulous.

As for us mere mortals, well, we have different tools, like a low-fat cookbook and a monthly gym membership to the YMCA. (Or even these $0 workout tools.) That counts, right? Luckily, those aren't the only options when it comes to hiding a few extra pounds -- and I'm not talking plastic surgery. It's called dressing for your body, and it looks like this.

It's actually a lot easier than it sounds, as long as you know what you're doing. We were able get our hands on this collection of tricks from some awesome stylists. These are the people who hide baby bumps and ice cream binges on celeb bodies, so who better to show us how to faux-diet?

Check out the first six secrets below, and click here for the entire gallery of them.

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