Swallowable Perfume: Would You Try It? (VIDEO)

I will try anything once. Well, at least when it comes to beauty.

Lip Tattoos? Sure, why not. Serums that make my lashes grow? I'll swipe that on every night. The Bumpit? I wore it to the grocery store … once.

I'm game for anything. Well, at least I thought I was.

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My all-or-nothing, take one for the team, go-getter attitude towards beauty products is being tested by a new perfume. That you swallow. Like, literally, you eat it and then sweat it out. Intrigued? See it for yourself:

Don't believe me? I'll quote the manufacturer: "Swallowable Parfum is essentially a capsule containing synthetic fragrant lipid molecules that mimic the structure of the fat molecules naturally found in the body. When those lipids get metabolized by the body's enzymes, fragrant molecules are released and excreted through the skin's surface through perspiration. The strength of the resulting scent is determined by the individual's acclimatization to temperature, stress, exercise, or sexual arousal."

Am I being squeamish? Is this the wave of the future? I asked my co-worker Sarah (and fellow beauty product adventurer) if she would try it:

Me: OK, so let me get this right. You would actually ingest something every day that'd make you sweat out Patchouli?

Sarah: Maybe not every day -- and definitely not Patchouli -- but on special occasions? Sure. Say it's your wedding day. You're going to be nervous, you're going to be sweating, and this way, instead of sweating and smelling like BO mixed with perfume, you could just smell like perfume.

Me: Hmm, wedding day. Good point.

So, what about you? Would you pop a perfume pill?

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