Can Veneers Fix Crooked Teeth?

By: StacyAtZeel

ashamed of a ghastly grin? veneers may help.
ashamed of a ghastly grin? veneers may help.

Crooked teeth may be the new cosmetic vogue (yes, you read that correctly) among beauty mavens in Japan, particularly in Tokyo where the "yaeba" look is all the rage. But here in New York, and presumably across the rest of the world, wonky teeth still rank among the most common dental woes, prompting those in search of the perfect smile to wonder whether veneers can fix their crooked grin.

Ask and you shall receive! Zeel cosmetic dentistry experts from around the country offer their two cents as to whether veneers can successfully mend crooked, uneven and gapped teeth.

Dr. Brian Gray, Washington, D.C.

"Yes," says Dr. Gray, Washingtonian Magazine's "Top Dentist" and an international authority in general and cosmetic dentistry. "But the degree of complexity may require more tooth preparation (removal of healthy enamel) to give the desired esthetic result."

During the application of porcelain veneers, about a third to half a millimeter of tooth enamel is typically removed to make room for the additional material. In some cases, Dr. Gray recommends a combination of Invisalign and veneers to reduce how much enamel needs to be removed and to facilitate the prettiest results.

Dr. Amanda Seay, Mount Pleasant, S.C.

Dr. Seay, of the private spa-like practice Park West Dentistry, explains that, like many dental concerns, the solution depends on each patient's situation. Those with teeth that are mildly misaligned can most likely utilize veneers to change the appearance of their smile. Veneers should not, however, be fixed upon teeth that are severely warped.

In the presence of an over or underbite, for example, Dr. Seay recommends the use of orthodontics first, which ultimately helps to reduce the amount of tooth reduction required during the application of the veneers.

Dr. Aziza Askari, Farmington Hills, Mich.

Dubbed one of Michigan's best dentists by Hour and StyleLine magazines, Dr. Askari believes that, in most cases, veneers are a viable tool for altering the appearance of crooked teeth.

"Veneers are often called 'instant orthodontics' because they make crooked front teeth appear uniform, straight and gorgeous-as if braces had been worn," she explains. Dr. Askari offers porcelain veneers along with Invisalign, both of which are quick and effective mechanisms for teeth straightening without the need for metal braces.