Hair Dare: 1 Woman, 7 Great Styles for African American Hair

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What frustrates me? L.A. traffic, ruining a freshly manicured nail, and trying to find hairstyles that work for my hair. I'm sure that there are more than a few girls that can agree with me on that last one. But the main reason I have trouble finding hair how-tos is because 99.9 percent of all hair tutorials are for white girls. (OK, maybe a slight exaggeration) And those just aren't going to work with my hair.

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So I decided to do something about this lack of hair help. I talked with a few hairstylists and got their style recommendations on looks I could do on my own. Not only did I learn a lot, but when I wore these looks to work, I got major compliments.

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Check out some of the looks below, and to get the full how-tos click here. Then share: would you try any of these looks yourself?

Day 1: The prettiest lazy day hairstyle ever

I'm a big fan of the snooze button, especially when I've got the Monday morning blues, so this sideswept ponytail is the perfect look for today. (If you're ever in a time crunch, this one's practically effortless, especially if your hair happens to have extra texture from the day before, says hairstylist Garret Dunton.)

Click here to see how to get this look.

Day 2: What do you call a mix between a ponytail and a bun? A bunnytail

OK, I admit it: this style is an accident. I play around with the idea of an updo, but I can't decide between a ponytail and a bun. Why not both? And that's how the bunnytail is born. (I want to officially trademark that name, btw.)

Click here to see how to get this look.

Day 3: Meeting the parents? Pull out the big guns

My boyfriend and his parents are driving down to have lunch with me today, so I decide to go with a more elegant look than I'd normally try. And it works! His mom loves the updo and thinks I look very "mature." That's a good thing, right?

Click here to see how to get this look, and see the other four looks from my hair dare.

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