5 Crazy Japanese Beauty Gadgets You Have to See to Believe

When it comes to keeping Father Time's gnarled mitts far, far away from my face, I'm as willing to experiment as they come. I'm all for trying the latest serums, I've openly dabbled in a few injectables, and I've even invested in a "facial exercise" DVD (don't judge) -- all in a last-ditch effort to keep the bloom attached to the rapidly-disintegrating rose that is my visage.

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As evolved and embracing of new technologies as I am, I'll admit that I wasn't prepared to see the Japanese beauty gadgets I recently spotted online. From Hannibal Lechter-like face masks that stretch out wrinkles to scalp massagers that the Marquis de Sade would've loved, the Japan Trend Shop (a Brookstone for the Pacific Rim) seems to be working triple time to bring its customers the most cutting-edge forms of anti-aging thingamabobs out there.

And these whacked out gizmos aren't cheap. Take the Dual Roller Platinum Body/Facial Massager. It supposedly thwarts sagging, wrinkles, and even sore muscles -- and rings up at a whopping $306. The Face Slimmer, a mold that "fights wrinkles around your eyes and helps shape the overall look of your face," can be yours for a mere $77.

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There's no shortage of anti-aging and "relaxation" devices available on the JapanTrendShop.com site (see more of them below) but I'm surprisingly reticent about wanting to order any. There's something about popping a mold in my mouth or strapping a doo-hickey to my throat that seems much less savory somehow than, say, applying my neck-tightening cream in an upward motion.

Is it just me? Would you be game to try them?

Pupeko, the anti-aging mouthpiece. Just clench, train your face muscles ... and watch your beauty grow!

The Kagao! Mask: It's a nylon face cover-come-strap-come-belt that tightens up your cheeks and facial contours, giving you a more buoyant and youthful visage.

The Head Kenzan, a bristyle roller that you use to massage your scalp, has been featured everywhere from CNN to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

The Houreisen Face Exercise Mask tightens your face AND doubles as a lucha libre costume.

The Beauty Lift High Nose uses "gentle electric vibrations" to rattle your face and give you a firmer nose.

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