It is about a month until the End of the World. What do you get when you combine Doomsday and December? DoomCember of course. Happy Merry DoomCember!

Many of the various types of Apocalypses that are bandied about in popular culture are either unlikely or do not respond very well or at all to human calendars. If you simply must have the end of life as we know it by a date certain only a man-made Apocalypse will do. If you are looking for doomsday you are in luck there are a few human generated ones lying in wait.

One of the more likely ways that could be the end of everything as we know it would be a melt down of the banking system. The internet is full of viruses, bots and spam. There already might be the right amount of the right kind of malicious software out on the internet to strip the financial system bare. It used to be that in order for this particular end of everything to work, we had to open up spam emails and click on links or go to suspicious websites and download pernicious software. But those days may be over. It has been reported that some hardware from China has viruses and backdoors built in. Before you take the computer out of the bubble wrap it's already infected. What this means is that some banks and even some military defense installations could be infiltrated and brought down or even taken over simply by pushing the "ON" button of their shiny new computers...