Life Lessons from Queen Elizabeth

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Do What You re Supposed To Do--And Do It Well
Elizabeth became queen in 1952 at the age of 26, just after the death of her beloved father. It was a tough task, but a no-nonsense upbringing had prepared her to become Queen. During World War II, she walked throughout bomb-ridden London neighborhoods with her parents, and she later broadcast her own speeches on the radio. Said one observer, decades later, "There are no reliable recorded incidents of the Queen refusing to carry out a duty expected of her."
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This year, Queen Elizabeth, one of the most enduring rulers of all time, celebrates her 60th year on the throne. According to the British Monarchy's official website (yes, they have one), during that reign "television has been invented, man has walked on the moon for the first time and the Berlin Wall has been built and then razed to the ground." And Sally Bedell Smith, author of the just published biography "Elizabeth The Queen," says the monarch has had "an epic life." Throughout it all, the queen, 85, has maintained a steady, dignified unflappability-the personification of the World War II admonition to "Keep Calm And Carry On." So what lessons can we learn from one of the world's most celebrated and chronicled women? Here are a few:

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