12 Ways to Geek Out Your Home

12 Fun Ways to Geek Out Your Home

The hubby is a serious geek. And I have to own up to a little geekiness myself. After all, we did meet in a computer lab. 15 years later, our geeklings have been raised on a steady stream of Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter.

They've been blogged about, quoted on Twitter, and each had an email address within hours of birth. The tween plays Risk and loves video games you've never heard of. The teen has TARDIS earrings. The youngest loves Jar-Jar like there's no tomorrow. (Sorry. We tried.)

We have geeky towels, sheets, clothes, and kitchen utensils. I even have two light sabers in the living room. That's right - two! So, it's been super fun to discover that geeks are coming out of the closet. We're somehow cool again, and there is no shortage of home decor to claim our status a Geek Family.

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Check out these 12 geek-inspired items for your home decor:

Arcade Light Switch

1. Arcade Light Switch
I have fond memories of playing arcade games for hours on end in high school. This would be super fun to have in a game room or home office.
Learn where to buy the Arcade Light Switch

Boba Fett Tiffany Lamp

2. Boba Fett Tiffany Lamp
Whoa. This seriously blows my mind. It's completely awesome, and I would totally display one in my living room. Sadly, it is a handcrafted design and not for sale. Who wants to learn the art of stained glass for me?
See the Boba Fett Tiffany Lamp design

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Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

3. Nintendo Controller Coffee Table
This coffee table is a working Nintendo controller. How freaking cool is that?! Oh, just me? I'll own that geek. It's all mine. Too bad the $3,500 price tag will keep me from owning one of these.
Learn where to buy the Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

Pac Man Vinyl Art

4. Pac Man Vinyl Art
I've been in love with the tile art for months, and totally set on working it into a game room someday. Then, I found this wall vinyl. Love!
Find out where to buy Pac Man Vinyl Art

Periodic Table Shower Curtain

5. Periodic Table Shower Curtain
Now you can study the periodic elements while you rinse off under the H2O. What geek wouldn't love that?
See where to buy the Periodic Table Shower Curtain

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Ctrl + Alt + Del Pillow Covers

6. Ctrl + Alt + Del Pillows Covers
Because sometimes you just need a do-over. Get a restart at home with these fun pillow covers for the computer geek. And, don't worry Mac fans - there's a set for you too!
See where to buy the Ctrl + Alt + Del Pillow Covers

Social Media Pillows

7. Social Media Pillows
Show off your love of Twitter, Facebook, and more with this fun set of social media pillows. I think the Facebook pillow would be super fun in a teen's dorm.
Learn where to buy these Social Media Pillows

TARDIS Media Center

8. TARDIS Media Center
This TARDIS may not be bigger on the inside, but you won't need a Sonic Screwdriver to put it together either. My little Whovians would flip over one of these in their room. Geeks are so creative!
See more photos of the TARDIS Media Center

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Ministry of Magic Toilet Decals

9. Ministry of Magic Toilet Decals
Create an entrance to the MInistry of Magic right in your own bathroom with this vinyl decal. It's a hilarious bit of decor for Harry Potter fans, and I totally want one.
Learn where to buy the Ministry of Magic Toilet Decals

Pac Man Tile Art

10. Pac Man Tile Art
This Pac Man wall design is made with Ixxi - a modular hanging system with cards used to create a variety of fun looks. I imagine you could do the same thing with regular tiles, too.
See the Pac Man Tile Art designs

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Star Trek Door Chime

11. Star Trek Door Chime
Sound the alarm! Or, at least let the Enterprise notify you when someone arrives. I kinda love that it makes the Enterprise door swoosh when you come in.
Learn where to buy the Star Trek Door Chime

Math Clock

12. Math Clock
I get a little tired of hearing, "What time is it?" when there's a clock right there on the wall. With this clock full of mathematical equations, I might forgive it a little...
See where to buy the Math Clock

- By Heather Sokol
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