10 New Facebook Trends Sure to Get You Axed from Your Friends' News Feeds

woman on facebook in bed
woman on facebook in bed

Ever since Facebook became the biggest time-suck in our lives, we've had to contend with annoying posts from our Facebook friends. But now that the social network has decided to go and get more "visual" with Timeline profiles, it feels like we have to contend with a whole new wave of different -- and yet still ridiculously irritating! -- types of updates.

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Here, some of the latest, most annoying Facebook habits you may not even realize you're engaging in, but that are probably, most definitely driving your friends to remove you from their News Feeds ...

  1. Posting someecards. Yes, we get it, there's an old-fashioned drawing with a snarky joke. But e-cards were meant for email, not Facebook, and this meme is getting as old as the pictures themselves!

  2. Re-posting a photo or status update about cancer or other heartbreaking cause that says you know only a few friends are selfless enough to "like" or re-post it. Guilting others into showing they care about the cause with a status update is never the way to go.

  3. Using these new apps to post links to the articles you've read on your behalf. Do we really need to know do you really want people to know you just read a story about Justin Bieber?

  4. Posting pictures of quotes. They're more fun to look at than actually typing out that quote, but you know where they really belong? Image-based Pinterest! Not clogging up half the screen real estate in your friends' News Feed.

  5. Posting endless photos of the cake/cupcakes/pizzas/other food you make. A.) Stick to Pinterest, and B.) Sorry, you're no Martha Stewart.

  6. Posting angry posts about Facebook invading your privacy or doing something else you can't stand ... on Facebook. Obviously, you're not that irate about the latest update, because you're not exactly ranting and raving on Google+! (Now warning your Facebook friends about a privacy glitch and offering a fix is a whole different thing ...)

  7. Using the invite feature to invite every single one of your friends on your list to a local event -- just in case. Sure, Sally in Saskatchewan might put in an order for your Lia Sophia party, but ... it's doubtful.

  8. Writing letters to inanimate objects or people you don't know. "Dear Weatherman, Please stop depressing me with all these awful [insert meteorological complaint here aka too hot, too humid, too stormy, too gloomy] forecasts. Love, Bob" No, YOU stop.

  9. Using hashtags in your status updates. #LeaveItonTwitter.

  10. Checking in everywhere you go. Okay, okay, we get it, you like your gym and the Starbucks down the street!

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Let's face it -- we've all been guilty of one or a few of these at one time or another. Sometimes, you can't even help it, and you can't please everyone. But it never hurts to know -- and be able to laugh at -- our own Facebook faux pas.

Are you guilty of any of these? Any other new Facebook faux pas that are equally or even more annoying to you?

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Written by Maressa Brown on CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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