Dog Saves Puppies from Fire


Photo by Monslave

There were firemen on hand, but it was a German Shepherd mix named Amanda who was saving lives on the scene of a horrific fire in Chile last week.

Amanda saved the lives of her 10-day old puppies after a car bomb went off, setting her nearby house on fire. Firefighters noticed the brave mom using her mouth to carry the puppies one by one from the burning house and place them on the side of their truck. Once all five puppies were in place, Amanda curled up around them.

After they were done on the scene, the firefighters rushed Amanda and the puppies to a local vet.

All but one of the puppies survived, and the remaining four -- along with Amanda -- have been put up for adoption.

5 More Amazing Hero Dogs

1. Eve: In 1992, Kathi Vaughn, a paralyzed paraplegic, was driving along an interstate when her truck caught on fire. She pushed her rotweiller, Eve, out of the vehicle so she would be safe. However, the dog came back. Pulling her owner by the ankles, Eve managed to get Kathi out of the burning vehicle, dragging her to a nearby ditch just moments before the truck exploded.

2. Katrina: In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the 2005 storm that ripped across the Gulf Coast, one inspiring story involved a black Labrador retriever, who was ironically named Katrina. As teams of people in helicopters and boats worked continuously to pull humans and animals from danger, Katrina the dog was performing her own heroic rescue. A man from New Orleans credits his life today to this incredible dog. As the waters rose high, the black Lab pulled this man to higher ground, preventing him from drowning.

3. Zoey:
Zoey, a 5-pound chihuahua made headlines in 2007 after saving a toddler from the bite of a large rattlesnake. Zoey, who was just 10 months old at the time, was in the back yard with her owner, Monty Long, and his 1-year-old grandson. As the boy played around the birdbath, Zoey darted between him and a rock on the other side, where a rattlesnake was slithering toward the child. This small but brave puppy took a snakebite above the eye in order to protect the boy. Zoey recovered from her snakebite after treatment by a vet, and the snake was killed by Monty Long.

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