Is Marriage for White People?

In the new book, "Is Marriage for White People?: How the African-American Marriage Decline Affects Everyone," Ralph Richard Banks examines the issue that finds fewer African-American women are marrying, and are not dating outside their race.

"It's a huge issue, says Banks. "African-American women are the most unmarried group of women in the country. About 70% of black women are unmarried, and their racial gap in marriage extends across the socioeconomic spectrum. So it's not only poor women, it's college educated black women who are about twice as likely to be unmarried than their white counterparts."

Journalist and TV personality Jacque Reid admits to not dating outside her race. On Thursday's episode of "Anderson," Reid says, "I end up dating African-American men because there is a comfort level. We have a lot in common, for example. Do you know what it's like to be ashy?"

"As perhaps the palest man in American," says Anderson. He has no idea, and then asks, "But is there a stigma associated with African-American women dating a white guy?"

Reid says for herself, no, but explains, "I think black women are more sensitive about seeing black men with white women. There is such a shortage, in our eyes, of black men to choose from in the first place."

Matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson believes love is colorless. To truly test if Reid is open to dating men outside her race, Brunson takes her to some local NYC spots where, he says, she is able to meet men who share her values.

Take a look at what happened, and see if Brunson was able to open her eyes to dating men of other races...