grey hair

  • Stress May Actually Trigger Gray Hair in Your Dog

    It’s no secret that chronic stress and anxiety can increase the odds that a person will develop gray hair. Now, new research has found that phenomenon extends to dogs as well.

  • Chef Has Uplifting Response to ‘Old Hag’ Comment

    Food blogger Rachel Farnsworth’s posts are usually about delicious dishes, from peanut butter pie to creamy mashed potatoes. After a cruel commentator insulted her because she hasn't dyed her few silver hairs, Farnsworth explained — devastatingly — why she’s so proud of them.

  • 6 Great Haircuts For Guys With Grey Hair

    Aging doesn’t have to do you in. Sure, wrinkles might abound and wayfaring follicles may begin to sprout in places you never thought they would, but that’s what retinol and waxing are for, respectively.

  • Now You Can Touch Up That One Grey Hair Like It's NBD

    There comes a day in every single young man or woman's life when they're on a transatlantic red-eye flight from Europe back to the States and they realize they have not one, but three grey hairs on the frontal quadrant of their head, and they didn't even notice until they were in the worst airplane bathroom lighting known to humanity. Oh, that's never happened to you? Weird, because it definitely happened to me about three weeks ago. Yes, at a cruising altitude of 39,000 feet I completely unr

  • Heidi Klum Shares Photo of Her First Grey Hair

    Heidi Klum posted a candid photo on Instagram on Saturday, sharing with her 3.1 million followers that she’d spotted her first grey hair.

  • Kylie Jenner Posts 'Mr & Mrs' Photo With Tyga, Panics When She Finds a Grey Hair

    The 18-year-old revealed that Kris Jenner also started greying early.

  • Millennial Guys are Dyeing Their Hair Gray

    Why go silver fox before you're 40?