• Naya Rivera Talks Invisible Skirt, Says Her Style Is ‘Sexy’ But Classy

    The Steven Khalil peekaboo skirt Naya Rivera wore while out in Los Angeles has been blowing up among fans and fashion watchers. The actress, singer, and author says the whole ensemble came about organically. And no, she wasn’t out to shock anyone.  “I was in a fitting, and I was looking for a couple of different things for the new year. I came across that outfit. I love that bodysuit, and the skirt is amazing. I thought, ‘Why not?’ Let me shake it,” she says. “I’m about to be 30. There are things that I try on and like, but it’s a little young. I’m a mom. ...

  • Naya Rivera Had a Baby Boy — But She Posed Nude Before Giving Birth

    Photo: Brian Bowen Smith Some celebrities do everything they can to keep their pregnancy out of the public eye—wear baggy clothes, hide behind giant handbags, and occasionally stay off the red carpet altogether. The former Glee star, 28, who announced in late February that she’ll soon be welcoming her first child with husband Ryan Dorsey, has been more than forthcoming about her new addition since almost day one—sharing photos of everything from her custom-designed nursery, to her baby shower, to her bikini-clad bump by the pool.  The expectant actress has also been writing a pregnancy blog for People, speaking openly about her sex life with a baby-on-board—and of course, posing nude prenatal. Now in third trimester, Rivera—who’s choosing to keep her baby’s gender a surprise—tells us all about which pregnancy apps she can’t get enough of, her favorite places to shop maternity wear, her post-baby beauty plan, and how she handles Internet trolls. YS: What’s been the biggest surprise of your pregnancy?

  • Lea Michele Could Be Your Life Coach

    Lea Michele does it all. (Photo: Getty)

  • Can We Stop Asking Actresses to Be Their On-Screen Characters in Real Life?

    Actress, Zooey Deschanel, for one, would really prefer it if you stopped referring to her as ‘adorkable.’ In a recent interview, the New Girl star explained that the cloying term was actually part of the studio’s marketing scheme. There’s something almost patronizing about the notion that her performance is anything but the result of sheer hard work.