• Everyone thought the Twitter ad that aired during Oscars was for Dove

    Everyone loved the powerful ad. The only problem is, people were confused about who the commercial was for. Many took to Twitter to mistakenly give Dove the credit for ... a Twitter ad.

  • Miss America who was fat-shamed by CEO speaks out

    "I think that what we saw was several men at the helm of a women’s organization, and that in and of itself just doesn’t make sense as far as where we are in the world today," says former Miss America Mallory Hagan about the Miss America organization.

  • Why Adriana Lima and Emily Ratajkowski can both be feminists, no matter how much skin they show

    Emily Ratajkowski defended her sexy Love Magazine Advent video, saying any judgment over it is a case of "classic sexism." Meanwhile, Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima says she'll no longer pose nearly nude for "an empty cause." Whose case for feminist empowerment is more on target?

  • Who's 'badder' than Taylor Swift? A Nazi-fighting grandma, Malala Yousafzai, and other superstrong women, says Twitter

    Powerful women are at the forefront of Twitter today, all thanks to one Taylor Swift fan.

  • How Savannah Guthrie, Gayle King, and others respond to their longtime colleagues being accused of sexual harassment

    Women who have had longstanding professional relationships with men recently accused of sexual misconduct — Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, and Louis C.K. — express the conflicting feelings they are grappling with.

  • What Anita Hill, Drew Barrymore, and 6 others had to say about women's empowerment, sexual abuse, and retouched photos

    Glamour Magazine hosted the 27th annual Women of the Year awards in Brooklyn. Celebrities from the worlds of fashion, art, politics, science and more attended the event, and spoke candidly about sexual harassment and abuse, empowerment, body positivity, and education.

  • Inventor Joy Mangano, J.Law biopic inspiration, says working women can have it all

    Joy Mangano, inventor of the Miracle Mop and inspiration behind the Jennifer Lawrence biopic "Joy," talks to Yahoo Lifestyle about balancing her professional goals and being a working mom. Mangano agrees with Sheryl Sandberg that working women can "lean in" and "have it all."

  • Speaking tour 'Together Live' is uniting women through storytelling

    "It's very nonscripted, it's spontaneous, it's overlapping, and it's very much like real life," says “Together Live” tour co-founder Jennifer Rudolph Walsh.

  • 7 Times Jennifer Aniston Stood Up For All Women

    Happy Birthday, Jennifer! Can you believe the award-winning actress is turning 48? Seems like just yesterday she was serving coffee at Central Perk as Rachel. But even though she doesn’t look a day older, Jen’s done a lot — from giving critically acclaimed performances in movies such as Cake to finding her happily ever after with Justin Theroux. She’s also spoken out publicly on the issues of privacy, paparazzi and today’s societal standards when it comes to women and body image. Here are seven of our favorite empowering moments from Jen.

  • Student Creates Protest Art Using Donald Trump’s Demeaning Quotes About Women

    The student’s project highlights the vulnerability of women who bear the words of Donald Trump on their bodies. Aria Watson, now 18, was two weeks shy of being old enough to vote in November’s U.S. presidential elections. Regardless, Donald Trump’s victory affected her deeply, and the Clatsop Community College student felt compelled to express her disgust and disappointment via a (NSFW) photo project for her photography class, according to BuzzFeed.

  • #Baldandbadchallenge Is Beautifully Inspiring

    Of all the viral social media movements that challenge society’s beauty norms, the #baldandbadchallenge might be our new favorite. The hashtag has women with little to no locks proudly posting pics of themselves to show off their unconventional beauty — and show that bald is indeed beautiful.

  • A Magazine Used a White Model to Steal Beyoncé’s Style

    At Super Bowl 50 in February, Beyoncé slayed the halftime show in an outfit that appeared to be an homage to the Black Panthers, the African-American revolutionary party that emerged in the 1960s. Bey’s squad of all-black backup dancers seemed to mirror the look of the militant group as it performed her anthem “Formation,” and many people saw her entire show as a rallying cry for the Black Lives Matter movement, according to the Daily Mail. Suffice it to say, Beyoncé intended to make a political statement about the myriad struggles of African-Americans throughout recent history.

  • Shea Moisture Is Back at Breaking Down Barriers With Its Latest Video

    In Shea Moisture's video “What’s Normal?" women of myriad ethnicities and ages flaunt their natural hair, from tightly coiled and spiraled to wavy and straight.

  • Aerie’s New Body-Empowerment Campaign Uses Real Women as Models

    The latest campaign to shine a spotlight on relatable-looking models is from Aerie. Their dedicated hashtag #aeriereal was created to promote body positivity.

  • Teen Starts Makeup-Free Week at Her High School

    Isabella Frommelt is empowering her peers by organizing the second no-makeup week at her school.

  • Ashley Graham’s Shopping Strategy: ‘I Get 3 of the Same Dress, Try Them On, and Send Back 2′

    If there was ever a woman to talk about the fashion industry’s recent acceptance revolution, it’s Ashley Graham. She sat down with Yahoo Style’s own Joe Zee to talk about it all — from the reason she wants the word “plus-size” banned to her thoughts on Kim K.’s nude selfie to how Gigi Hadid is a fashion inspiration.

  • Empowering Women in Sports: Athletes Talk

    In 1972, girls and women were finally granted equal opportunity to pursue sports in education with Title IX. Today on National Girls and Women in Sports Day, we look back.

  • Jennifer Aniston, Selena Gomez, and Cindy Crawford on Confidence

    In 2015, Yahoo Beauty had the privilege of speaking with a wide spectrum of inspiring women — and we didn’t just talk makeup tips and products with them. These individuals shared their insight on confidence, from what they’ve learned to what they hope to share with others. We’ve rounded up some of their best quotations — take heed of these for 2016. Related: Proof of the Power of Confidence Why Your Lack Of Confidence Is Holding You Back Rachel Maddow on Confidence and Faking It Till You Make It [Video

  • Instagram Highlights 33 ‘Unstoppable Women’

    While it’s easy to blame Instagram’s new Discover page features for the endless scrolls we find ourselves doing at 3AM, the page does highlight a lot of cool people and projects, from Pat McGrath’s Gold 001 makeovers in Paris to the best beards in honor of Movember. Today, Instagram is showcasing “33 Unstoppable Women.” The list includes pro surfer Bethany Hamilton, Olympic hurdler and bobsledder Lolo Jones, and UFC champ Ronda Rousey. “Meet the real life Katniss Everdeens – Judo champs, hunters, archers, ninjas, boxers, BMX riders and more female powerhouses,” the page states.

  • Carrie Underwood: I Think It’s Really Important To Live By My Morals

    Carrie Underwood, Country singer and new mom reveals her how her own mom helps to keep her in line. Being from the south and a diehard country music fan, I grew up admiring the women of country music. So when the opportunity came to interview one of my favorite singers ever, Carrie Underwood, I jumped at the chance. I watched Carrie’s evolving career, from being discovered on American Idol to becoming an award winning country singer, wife, entrepreneur, health enthusiast, beauty lover, spokeswoman, and most recently a mother.