• This is why you should just order the wine you like when dining out

    A study shows there are four different "vinotypes" and that people should pick wines they like, rather than always going with what a server recommends.

  • Warm Up Your Winter With These Decadent Spiked Hot Drinks

    Nothing fights off the winter blahs like curling up with a piping hot drink. Add splashes of a sweet booze, and you have the perfect dessert plus after-dinner drink combination. Or, put these drinks into your weekend brunch repertoire. If you really need a boost, adding an ounce of vodka for a heftier drink is an option.

  • 10 Best Hot Cocoas to Warm up This Winter

    A steaming cup of hot cocoa is a mainstay of a snowy winter day. But hot chocolate has come a long way since the bargain store readymade packets of a few years ago. Today’s steamy cocoa can be downright fancy, with endless ways to upgrade the experience. Whether you love your chocolate creamy, rich, spicy, or with a touch of sea salt, there’s a hot cocoa mix waiting to be enjoyed.

  • Starbucks Ditches Its Struggling Teavana ‘Tea Bar’ Concept

    Starbucks is finally ready to write its Teavana “tea bar” experiment off as a loss. In 2012, the chain forked over $620 million in cash for the tea line, and Howard Schultz boasted the acquisition presented “a $90 billion global market opportunity.”

  • 15 Best Porter Beers From Across the Globe

    Perhaps no beer is more suited for a long black night than a robust, warming porter. Closely related to the stout — differences between the two are subject to debate — the porter is one of the oldest codified beer styles, dating back to 19th-century London, where dock workers (“river porters”) popularized it as their post-shift beer of choice. Traditional versions are dark reddish-brown to black in color with chocolate flavors and briny, caramel-like aromas. But like anything when it comes to beer, the style has evolved over the centuries.

  • How to Make Masala Chai, Perfect for Winter’s Cold Days

    This week, we’re spotlighting recipes from Made in India: Recipes from an Indian Family Kitchen by Meera Sodha (Flatiron Books), a London-based chef and food writer. Try making the recipe at home and let us know what you think!

  • The 20 Best Pilsner Beers From Around the World

    Pilsners are among the most difficult beers to brew. Most young craft breweries avoid lager styles entirely to focus on faster-fermenting ales. Over the years though, craft breweries began rising to the challenge and today make examples that go toe to toe with the most venerated old world brands. Related: The 101 Best Beers in America Pilsner is one of the most narrowly defined beer styles, so great versions are typically a showcase of technique rather than creativity.

  • 10 Delicious Grapefruit Cocktails to Perk Up This Winter

    Winter is prime time for grapefruit. Good for breakfast, it’s even better added to cocktails. From a bourbon and honey L.A. classic to contemporary riffs on the Negroni, these 10 recipes will send you stocking up on the sweet-tart fruit.   More cocktail ideas from Yahoo Food: How to Make the Perfect Irish Coffee With Just 4 Ingredients Pomegranate and Orange Prosecco for a Festive Party Cocktail How to Make an Easy Bloody Mary With Everyday Ingredient

  • The 15 Best Bloody Marys in America

    Drinking the perfect Bloody Mary — or Jane, Maria, or Lawrence —while feeling the warm rays of sun on your exposed body after a long and, at times, bitterly cold winter is one of the great annual joys of life.

  • Jennifer Aniston’s Diet Secret to Staying Thin and in Shape

    Jennifer Aniston has it all. Sparkling smile. Flawless body. Flowing tresses. Hot husband. A chicken coop in her $21 million dollar California mansion. But “it all” comes with hard work.

  • 10 Essential Cocktails for January Parties

    There are many ways to face the winter doldrums. Some turn to freshly-brewed coffee, others to in-season citrus fruits or warm and smoky mezcal. No matter your liquid approach, there are plenty of ways to beat back the cold weather blues—and here’s where to start. More winter cocktail ideas from Yahoo Food: How to Make the Perfect Irish Coffee With Just 4 Ingredients Pomegranate and Orange Prosecco for a Festive Party Cocktail Boozy Frozen Peppermint Hot Chocolate Is A Must This Winte

  • How to Make the Perfect Irish Coffee With Just 4 Ingredients

    Irish coffee is as perfect as a winter drink gets: hot and cold at the same time, with coffee, cream, and booze all in one delicious sip. It’s a rare and impressive sensation, like a liquid baked Alaska.

  • The Story Behind ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli’s $120 Cup of Tea

    Gold Medal Sencha; Photo: Zach Mangan

  • The Best New Bars In America

    What we’ve seen across the country is that bartenders are realizing that they can make fantastic craft cocktails and have curated smart draft lists, and good, snack-worthy bar food, without all of the hoopla and show. Which means more cocktails using only three or four ingredients (just really well made). And more beer menus that pare things down to a curated list rather than an exhaustive book.

  • Seltzer, Sparkling, and Mineral Water — What’s the Difference?

    Suddenly, seltzer is trendy again. But is it the same as mineral water and club soda? What are the differences, and why do we call everything “seltzer”?

  • How This Winemaker Is Using Old-School Methods to Create Unique Sips

    A dozen or so glass demijohns sit on the right-hand wall of Carl Sutton’s winery. This is not how most people age wine, in full sunlight, but Carl Sutton is not most people. The demijohns are the poster children of his particular brand of weirdness: an ode to a centuries-old style of winemaking that, despite Sutton’s best intentions, is suddenly in vogue again.

  • 12 Healthy Smoothie Recipes to Get You Through 2016

    Take advantage of fresh, seasonal ingredients to create healthy and satisfying breakfast smoothies all year round. And if you happen to crave, say, July’s smoothie in January, go for it anyway: When certain ingredients aren’t in season, you can always rely on frozen alternatives.

  • Pomegranate and Orange Prosecco for a Festive Party Cocktail

    McCartney is also a founder, along with her father Paul McCartney and her sister Stella McCartney, of Meat Free Monday, a nonprofit that advocates for meat-free eating at least one day each week. It’s also great mixed with fresh fruit juice, and here I’ve chosen pomegranate and orange to give it a real zing for a brunch menu.

  • The 15 Most Popular Drinks of 2015

    When it comes to cocktail culture, 2015 celebrated the best of both worlds. This year’s hottest drinks ran the gamut from old-school classics to forward-thinking creations. Discover which side you were on with a look at the 15 most popular cocktails of the year. More cocktail ideas to mix up from Yahoo Food: Boozy Frozen Peppermint Hot Chocolate Is A Must This Winter Cuba Libre from ‘Cuban Cocktails’ 8 Craft Spirit Makers Who Are Bringing Back Histor

  • How to Make an Easy Bloody Mary With Everyday Ingredients

    Pro chef Jamie Bissonnette taught Spoon University how to make a Bloody Mary with everyday ingredients. This version is super simple and tastes just as good as one you’d get at a restaurant. Never be sober at brunch again.