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  • The Most Hydrating Winter Moisturizers For Every Skin Type

    "Cool air, low humidity, cold winds and moving from warm central heating into the cold and back again can significantly dehydrate our skin," Dr. Johanna Ward, founder of ZENii Skincare, explains. "The main issue in autumn and winter is skin dehydration or lack of water. Dehydration is when there is a lack of water in the stratum corneum, or outer layer of the skin.

  • The Most Groundbreaking Beauty Moments Of 2017

    In the beauty space, there were setbacks, but there were also people and brands that pushed the industry forward in a major way. Natural hair was celebrated — both in shampoo ads and in the workplace. Pageants included more definitions of beauty.

  • 'Beauty boys' makeup influencers seem to be getting younger and younger

    After an initial wave of beauty boys influencers on social media broke through, is there a new wave of even younger boys who are making names for themselves?

  • Dad laughed at this teen's makeover of her mom and then the internet had some choice words

    After a dad laughed at his daughter's makeover of his wife, the internet rallied to tell mom she is beautiful.

  • I Transformed Myself Into Katy Perry — & Here's What I Looked Like

    It's easy to see her truly contagious love for all things beauty, captured in the musician-turned-makeup mogul's signature Covergirl black lipsticks. Perry's over-the-top glam moments, whether they're featured on a red carpet or in that nightmarishly trippy music video, have always left us wanting more. Press play above to catch this entire, glitter-soaked romp through Katy's incredible evolution as one of the music industry's out-of-the-box beauty stars.

  • Whatever You Do, Don't Take A Bath In Coconut Oil This Winter

    For bath lovers, soaking in a tub with your favorite bath oils can feel like a slice of paradise. As you can see, the copious amounts of oil are lining the tub and her legs, making it impossible for her to move.