• Cities With the Most Handsome Men Ranked

    This northwestern city is the home of and Starbucks — and the country's most handsome men, according to a new survey from

  • Having a Feminine or Masculine Face More Important Than Looking Symmetrical, Says Study

    A study has found that people tend to prioritize how masculine or feminine a person’s face looks when judging attractiveness. Symmetry has traditionally been known as the scientific basis for attractiveness. Thanks to some very nonscientific analyses of celebrity faces, it’s become a standard assumption that the more symmetrical the face, the more widely the person is considered to be beautiful.

  • Researchers Have Determined the Dimensions for the Most Attractive Female Lips

    Yes, there is such a thing as the perfect pout. According to a new study, medical investigators have found the precise measurements for a woman’s ideal lip size. Turns a 1:2 ratio of upper to lower lip that made up about 10 percent of the lower third of the face was deemed most attractive by people viewing various proportions.

  • Minnie Driver Says 'Good Will Hunting' Producer Didn't Think She Was 'Hot Enough' for the Part

    The Oscar-nominated star told Andy Cohen that she was cast only after Matt Damon and Ben Affleck 'fought very hard' for her to get the role.

  • The Real Reason Why Men Have Deep Voices

    New research reveals that certain males don’t develop those throaty, deep voices just to win over the hearts of female partners.

  • 10 Things Attractive Women Always Do for Themselves

    Confidence comes from within.

  • 5 Things You Can Tell About Someone Just by Looking at Them

    In a TIME article, Eric Barker says that there are things you can tell about someone just by looking at them. The results of the study suggest that personality is demonstrated through both static and expressive ways of appearing, and observers use this information to form accurate judgments for a variety of traits, like how outgoing someone is, their self-esteem level, and/or how religious they may be.

  • Men with Feminine Faces Attract More Women

    Photo Credit: iStock Do feminine men really make the perfect partners? Well, according to The Daily Mail, the answer is a big fat YES: “A study found ‘masculine’ looking men were judged to be less faithful and worse parents. Similarly, psychologists found men with feminine facial features are seen as more committed and less likely to cheat on their partners. The study asked over 400 British men and women to judge digitally altered pictures of male faces made to look more masculine or feminine.

  • Proof that Dadbod Is a Turn-On? New Study Links Weight, Height and Love Life

    Among the findings: For men: Only men classified as “very short” had a lower median number of sexual partners (five), compared to taller men  (seven). Men who were overweight and obese had the most sexual partners (eight), followed by those with a normal weight (six). For women: Underweight women had fewer sexual partners (five) than their normal weight (six) and overweight (seven) counterparts. Lead study author David Frederick, PhD, an assistant professor in health psychology at Chapman University, tells Yahoo Health that he was surprised at the weak link between a man’s height and number of sex partners.

  • The Science of a Sexy Face: Why Chris Hemsworth Is People's 'Sexiest Man Alive'

    Given the fact that he is a Norse god, it’s no surprise that Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, best known for his role as Thor, has been named People magazine’s 2014 “Sexiest Man Alive” (sorry, Adam Levine—it was a good run). The facial features of Hemsworth and other celebs like him—think Daniel Craig and David Beckham—possess the smoldering masculine attributes that humans have evolved to find attractive and sexy.