Taco Bell employee stuns TikTok users with ‘secret’ drink order hack

Like most fast food chains, Taco Bell’s list of unknown “menu items” is constantly growing — often, thanks to TikTok. This latest menu hack comes courtesy of TikToker Wubzee (@ceotacobellhacks). In his clip, the user showed how a small modification to the chain’s famous Baja Blast can result in an all-new drink order entirely. Wubzee, who, based on his videos, appears to work at Taco Bell himself, called the drink a “Cloudy Skies”. In his video, Wubzee filled a Taco Bell cup halfway with Baja Blast. Then, he filled the rest with pink lemonade and stirred the mix together. Many commenters poured in praise, while others explained that they’d been getting the Cloudy Skies for years. “Omg I’ve been doing this forever, it’s so good,” one user wrote. Others, however, were less impressed — noting that Wubzee’s “hack” is basically just mixing two drinks together