Taco Bell customer surprises drive-thru employee with 'sweet' gift

A Taco Bell customer made an employee’s day when she surprised the drive-thru worker with a small but sweet gift. On Sept. 17, TikTok user sadcancer posted a video to TikTok explaining how she struck up a friendship with a kind Taco Bell employee and eventually surprised her with a present. “I went to Taco Bell and the lady there complimented my nails and I was telling her how they’re press-ons and she was like, ‘Where did you get them?’”. “I told her ‘[at] the Walmart down the street’ and she gave me a free Baja Blast,” sadcancer explained. “That was so sweet so right now I’m about to surprise her with some press-on nails”. After explaining the lead-up to the situation, sadcancer drove back to the Taco Bell and asked if the employee (her new friend) was still working. She was! Sadcancer drove right over to the pick-up window and surprised the employee with the press-on nails. “Thank you!” the employee screamed in excitement in response. “Thank you so much!” . “If you’re seeing this go do something nice for someone,” sadcancer wrote. “Even if it’s small”