Tabby Cat Demands To Be Picked Up and Rocked to Sleep Just Like a Baby

Many pet parents refer to their animals as their fur babies, though some take the name more seriously than others. For example, this adorable tabby cat loves to be picked up and cuddled--exactly like an infant! He even bugs his human dad, @blackbestcatdad, in the middle of the night so he can be rocked to sleep.

If you think that sounds cute, just wait until you see it! I fell in love with this affectionate kitty--whose name is Stinky--the very first time I saw this video, and I have a feeling you might, too.

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How precious is that? Stinky knows exactly what he wants from his doting dad, and he asks so politely, too. It's good that this cat's dad was already awake at 2 AM, or else this encounter may not have gone so smoothly!

I've encountered many folks who say that tabby cats are the most extroverted cats, and Stinky seems to support that theory. It's obvious how much he loves to be around his dad! It only takes a matter of moments before he's taking a cat nap in his owner's arms. It's enough to make any cat lover jealous.

"I always give our kitty love when he wants it because they don’t always want to be held," shared viewer @janicefit4life. We know exactly what you mean! Even the sweetest cats will have times when they'd rather be left alone, so it's important to take advantage of every cuddle you can get! If we were in this cat dad's position, we'd be the very same way.

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