T&C Tried & True Uniqlo Super Non-Iron Slim-Fit Long-Sleeve Shirt Review

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Uniqlo
Photo credit: Courtesy of Uniqlo

Here at T&C, we pride ourselves on our discerning eye for quality. With Tried & True, our editors will give you an inside look at the pieces they simply cannot live without.

If there is one closet staple that is truly a must for everyone—and I mean everyone— it is the white shirt. It's a timeless staple, plain and simple. I have always loved a white shirt for the versatility. It is appropriate for almost any situation. For instance, you know a white shirt always looks good with a pair of denim. Carolyn Bessette and Sharon Stone showed us that pairing a shirt with a long skirt is a fabulous yet easy evening ensemble. Plus, a white shirt is always appropriate at the office. You can even wear one over a swimsuit, like our May 2018 cover star Cindy Crawford, as a chic beach coverup.

Needless to say, I have more than a few white shirts in my closet but I recently acquired a new favorite and I can’t get enough of it—the Uniqlo men’s super non-iron slim fit shirt. Now, why do you ask, do I prefer a men’s shirt over a women’s shirt? For me, this style is just the right amount of oversized. And being that it's from Uniqlo, you cannot beat the pric – just under $40! (I actually ended up buying another one so there is always one available in my shirt rotation.)

But beyond that, it is super easy to care for. You just throw it in the washing machine, finish in the dryer and voila! Ready to wear. Even though it is non-iron, I must admit I give mine a quick steam, about 10 seconds per side, to ensure it looks extra crisp before I put it on. Other than that, it's a truly a piece that requires no further thought. I throw it on knowing it will look pristine every time around.

Whether it’s tied at the waist, worn under a sweater, sleeves rolled up, or open over a tank top or slip dress, I always feel polished with this white button down. It's a piece for all seasons, and that's a fashionable endorsement if there ever was one!

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