Swiped Right on an Aries? Here’s Everything You Wanna Know About Dating One

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PSA: Read This Before You Date an AriesGetty/Margie Rischiotto

If you’re dating or DMing or Insta-stalking crushing on an Aries, there are some things you should know: They’re impulsive and competitive, and all they do is win (win, win, no matter what). These hotheaded fire signs are the first sign of the zodiac, AKA they looove to take charge....but they're also the baby of the zodiac. Aw, cute! If you're into an Aries, well, we get it—their confidence is sexy AF. But you have to understand their astrological nature—do not, I repeat, do not treat them like a Cancer. Luckily, we're here to show you what's between the ram's horns.

So wanna know if y’all are ~compatible~? Keep reading, bb! We’ve got you covered with the tea on what they want, how they act, and who they’re destined to be with.

The Aries Must-Knows

Birthday: February 12 to March 20

Symbol: The ram

Element: Fire

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling planet: Mars

Keywords: Playful, passionate, leader, confident, direct, hotheaded

So what’s an Aries looking for in a relationship?

Where would we be without Aries? They’re the first sign of the zodiac—the courageous fire sign lights the match that gets the entire cosmic party started! You see, Aries’ impulsive determination is embedded in their DNA: Symbolized by the ram, Aries isn’t afraid to charge (headfirst) toward their goals and aspirations. Confident and competitive, Aries glow brightest when they’re number one.

Although each Aries has a unique definition of “success,” all Aries love to be challenged. Likewise, this fire sign is attracted to vivacious go-getters who match their own high-octane spirit. Fueled by both admiration and competition, Aries seek relationships that symbolize victory. For this bold fire sign, partnerships need to be active, impassioned, and (let’s be honest) infused with a hint of drama.

How does Aries behave in a relationship?

Because Aries love conquests of any kind, they tend to define their experiences in superlatives. Don’t be surprised if your Aries boo makes grandiose, sweeping statements, like your relationship is “the best” or—after a frustrating disagreement—“the worst.” Try not to take these spontaneous declarations too seriously: Aries analyses aren’t based on thoughtfully collected data points. Aries are impulsive, so they simply react to however they feel in a given moment.

The best way to gauge Aries’ overall feelings about the relationship is through their actions. If Aries continues to show up and make plans, you know they’re invested. Simply put, Aries spend time only with people they’re interested in pursuing.

It’s important to remember that Aries may claim to want a drama-free relationship when, in actuality, this fire sign thrives off tension. Natural competitors, Aries are all about the flirtatious push-and-pull. For these celestial rams, discord is a symbol of passion—and (according to this fire sign) passion is the secret sauce to any healthy long-term bond!

What are Aries's biggest turn-ons and turn-offs?

Aries are driven by their vivacity and always looking for new and exciting ways to fan the flame. First dates should always involve spontaneity: There is nothing this fire sign loves more than unexpected twists and turns! Likewise, already partnered Aries may want to experiment in the bedroom—don’t be afraid to try new positions, role-play, or even unlikely locations (shower? Kitchen counter? Backyard? Oh my!). Aries are always down to step outside their comfort zone, so once you’ve agreed on some key parameters, they’re the perfect companion for freaky fun.

Alternatively, there’s nothing that bugs Aries more than complacency. No matter how many days or months or years you’ve been together, Aries will always want to feel like the relationship is a choice—not an obligation. So if your celestial ram starts acting cranky or moody, make sure the dynamic hasn’t become too stagnant. Shake things up by proposing a wild, unplanned activity (late-night karaoke, anyone?). At the end of the day, pleasing an Aries is actually quite simple: When you adopt their spirited, childhood perspective, you can turn even the most mundane activity into an adventure.

What's sex with an Aries like?

One thing about Aries is that they're not afraid to take charge...so hopefully you're cool with that. Whether they're flexing their dominant side or just taking the lead in suggesting new positions, toys, and kinky scenarios to try, expect Aries to know where they want to go, and how to get there. Another thing about Aries is that they don't take sex, or really anything else, seriously. They're playful, and that includes in the bedroom. So if a sex position is more ouch-my-knees-hurt than OMG-so-hot in reality, at least you two can laugh about it together.

Which zodiac signs are Aries's best matches?

Although pairing with an Aries is not for the faint of heart, fellow fire signs—Leo and Sagittarius—have no problem keeping up. Aries is attracted to Leo’s theatrics and Sagittarius’s bravery, respectively, qualities that perfectly compliment Aries’ own vivacious values. Similarly, Gemini has a playful side that appeals to Aries' nature: These two just have fun together. On the other hand, Aries has opposites-attract chemistry with Libra, their literal opposite on the zodiac.

And which zodiac signs are Aries's worst matches?

While Aries thrives with fellow fire signs, and to a lesser extent air signs, water and earth signs—especially Cancer and Capricorn—can be somewhat problematic: Aries can get bored by these signs’ carefully planned itineraries, causing ’em to overheat and totally lose their cool.

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