Sweet Video of Dogs Comforting Baby Who Was Fussing in Dad's Arms Is Just the Best

These dogs love this baby so much.

TikTok user @trice_winston blessed us with a throwback video that seriously put the biggest smile on our faces. All we know is that we hope our pets show this much love to our future babies. 

This creator's baby was fussing in his arms, but thankfully he has two very capable dogs that could take over for a little. The video shows what the Golden Retriever and Mountain Cur Pit mix do to comfort the baby. It's seriously better than any baby gadget! 

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AW! Our hearts have completely stopped from this adorable clip. The baby was so calm and clearly in very good hands...paws. LOL! "Best pillows ever," said @bigdavesmith788. Right?! So warm and cozy! Can we borrow these pillows too?

"And look at the way they're looking at him like leave our baby alone," commented @justaguy1223. It was quiet time and they didn't want this TikToker disturbing the peace! Even the baby looked at the dad the same way the dogs did. @Singdingding3 added, "The baby, 'Leave us father.' 😂." LOL! 

@stephy_gg8 wrote, "You’re not getting the tiny human back from them 😂😂." To be fair, he did give them the baby so it's his fault for thinking he would get the tiny human back. LOL! This is clearly their human now! And the best part about this? Turns out these doggos still look after the young child to this day. Ugh, our hearts!


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