Sweet Relief! The Best Shoes for Nurses and Other Healthcare Workers Who Stand on Their Feet All Day

These sneakers are perfect fits for the heroes of the healthcare industry.

Being a nurse is not an easy job. And we don’t just mean because of the immense pressure involved in trying to save patients' lives. The profession is not only mentally challenging, but physically taxing as well. Nurses, as well as other healthcare professionals, are often on their feet for hours on end. A typical nursing shift in a hospital can last upwards of 12 hours.

When you're on your feet for most of your shift, you need some of the best shoes for standing all day. dashing back and forth to the operating room or standing for hours during surgery, it's super important that you have comfortable, supportive shoes. The proper footwear will not only protect a nurse’s foot from fluid spills and slippery hospital floors, but also keep their ankles, knees, hips and back properly aligned during all those long hours on their feet.

Durable shoes with thick soles that absorb shocks, surfaces that are easily wiped clean, breathable knit materials that keep feet cool and exceptional cushioning are just a few of the things that nurses look for when searching for sneakers that will provide all-day comfort. Here, we've assembled a list of the 18 best shoes for nurses — or anyone else who stands on their feet all day long — that are sure to be a perfect fit!

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The Best Shoes For Nurses

1. Gel-Resolution 8, $109.95 at ASICS

Between the Personal Heel Fit technology’s memory foam gel that molds to your heel and the Flexion Fit material that molds to your foot, the ASICS Gel-Resolution sneaker is comfortable and soft. A breathable mesh upper keeps your feet dry all day long, while still providing sturdy support. The Gel-Resolution is also available in men’s sizes. ASICS Gel-Resolution 8, $109.95 at ASICS

2. Allbirds Tree Runners, $105 at Allbirds

These lightweight sneakers are made to minimize odor and flexibly conform to your movements, allowing for all-day comfort. Constructed of renewable materials (responsibly sourced eucalyptus tree fiber), the breathable Allbirds Tree Runners are also machine washable. Allbirds Tree Runners, $105 at Allbirds

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3. Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoe, $85 at DSW

Customers rave about the extra cushioning and excellent grip of these lightweight Ryka Devotion Plus 2 sneakers. An anatomic arch footbed and innovative midsole cushioning will give nurses all-day-long shock absorption while a synthetic sole is designed to prevent slips...like on a wet hospital floor. Ryka Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoe, $85 at DSW

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4. Novablast Sneaker, Starting at $94.60 on Amazon

Another ASICS sneaker that's also a favorite among nurses, the Novablast comes in eight color combinations, is durable, and is easy to clean. A lightweight foam insole provides a bounce-like cushioning, making you feel like you are walking on a trampoline. These sneakers also feature a mesh upper, which is great for keeping your feet cool during a long shift, but not very fluid-resistant. ASICS Novablast Sneaker, $94.60 at ASICS

5. Max Cushioning Elite Destination Point Sneaker, $100 at Skechers

This sneaker lives up to its name, thanks to the super-thick sole and lightweight foam midsole. The insoles aren’t removable, but the extra padding offers hours of comfort, while the rubber sole provides a non-slip grip. And you are sure to stand out in the crowd with the gradient light and dark blueprint! Max Cushioning Elite Destination Point Sneaker, $100 at Skechers

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6. Grey Matter Shoe, $139 at Clove

Available in both men’s and women’s sizes, Clove shoes are designed specifically for healthcare workers, so while the sneakers may be on the pricier side, you know that every aspect has been created with front-liners in mind. These comfortable and supportive leather sneakers slip on in seconds. They have toggle laces and feature machine washable odor-resistant inserts and non-slip rubber soles. They are fluid-resistant and easy to clean!  Clove Grey Matter Shoe, $139 at Clove

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7. Twelves, $95 at Bala

Available in gray, black and blue and in both men’s and women’s sizes, BALA sneakers, $150, were co-designed with healthcare professionals. Some of the sleek sneaker’s features include a knit cuff to fit firmly around your ankle, shock-absorbing cushioning in the sole, high-traction bottoms created specifically for hospital floors, and a fluid-resistant outer layer that easily wipes clean. BALA Twelves, $150 at Bala

8. Air Zoom Pulse Sneaker, Starting at $48.99 on Amazon

Another shoe built for and tested by nurses, the Nike Air Zoom Pulse is available in men’s and women’s sizes and comes in white/platinum, black/black, grey/pink/gold and black/teal. A hybrid between an athletic shoe and a nursing clog, these slip-on sneakers provide both incredible cushioning and flexible traction all day long, the smooth upper surface protects against spills and the coated toe box stands up to all those levers you’ll be operating with your feet. The Pulse sneaker also features a signature pulse design on the sole, cushioning and liner. Nike Air Zoom Pulse Sneaker, Starting at $48.99 on Amazon

9. 520 v5 Running Shoe, Starting at $50.62 on Amazon

Thanks to EVA foam midsoles, these New Balance 520 running shoes provide tons of lightweight support to get you through a long shift, and the underfoot flex grooves on the rubber outsole offer an impressive grip on those slippery hospital floors. Also available in men’s sizes, the 520 v5 is constructed with a breathable mesh upper that will help keep your feet dry. New Balance 520 v5 Running Shoe, $45 on Amazon

10. Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoes, $99.95 at ASICS

Available in both men’s and women’s sizes, the ASICS Gel-Kayano features cushioning gel that provides impact protection all day long. Designed for those whose feet roll inward too much, the ASICS Dynamic Duomax technology helps support your foot’s stability by gently readjusting to keep your foot in the right place. If you have an overpronated gait, the Gel-Kayano will ensure that your ankles and knees are protected during a fast-paced shift. ASICS Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoes, $80 at ASICS

11. Bondi 8 Running Shoe, $140 on Amazon

Another favorite brand among healthcare professionals, Hoka’s Bondi 8 running shoe is the most cushioned shoe in the brand’s line and a consistent top seller. A plush memory foam collar hugs the ankle for a snug fit, while a compression-molded EVA midsole cradles the full length of the shoe’s sole. Available in neutral colors and whimsical combos and men’s sizes and extra-wide widths. Hoka Bondi 7 Running Shoe, $128 at Nordstrom

12. Cloudfoam Pure Sneaker 2.0, Starting at $24.30 on Amazon

The company known for its famed three-striped shoes boasts the Cloudfoam Pure Sneakers in its collection of supportive and comfortable shoes. The knit upper of these slip-on sneakers will perfectly mold to your foot’s shape, while the Cloudfoam midsole provides incredible arch support and outstanding cushioning for your feet all day long. Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Sneaker 2.0, Starting at $24.30 on Amazon

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13. Adrenaline Sneaker, $110 at Brooks Running

Available in men’s and women’s sizes and a range of colors and widths, the Brooks Adrenaline sneaker is lightweight and supportive while still offering plenty of cushioning. The engineered mesh upper allows your feet to breathe while conforming to the shape of your foot for an optimal fit, while the durable DNA LOFT cushioning spans from beyond the heel to the forefoot for a smooth feel with every step. Brooks Adrenaline Sneaker, $109.95 at Brooks Running

14. FuelCore Nergize Lifestyle Sneaker, $59.99 at DSW

Thanks to its REVlite technology, the FuelCore Nergize sneaker offers ultra-lightweight cushioning in an easy slip-on style. The bootie design offers a snug and supportive fit while a New Balance memory sole comfort insert guarantees that every step you take will feel like walking on a cloud all day long. Available in a wide range of fun colors as well as wide widths, the FuelCore Nergize is a practical and stylish shoe that you’ll want to wear even after your shift ends!  New Balance FuelCore Nergize Lifestyle Sneaker, $50 at DSW

15. Ultraboost Sneaker, $200 at Adidas

Although the Ultraboost sneaker is a little pricier than some other options listed, they feature more of Adidas’ Boost cushioning, which gives you more pep in your step and keeps your feet energized all shift long. The sneaker’s knit upper conforms to your feet with a sock-like feel while keeping them cool, and heel support keeps your feet securely in the sneakers with every movement. Ultraboost comes in a wide range of colors for both men and women. Adidas Ultraboost Sneaker, $200 at Adidas

16. Revolution 5 Sneaker, $54 at Nike

The Nike Revolution’s low-profile design sits below the ankle, improving overall movement, while the padded interior and no-sew overlays offer both support and pillow-soft comfort. The sneaker’s lightweight knit material encourages maximum airflow around your feet and the flexible rubber outsole provides great traction on a variety of surfaces. The Revolution is available in 11 neutral and fashionable designs. Nike Revolution 5 Sneaker, $54 at Nike

17. Velocity Medical Shoe, Starting at $54.99 on Amazon

Slip-resistant, stain-resistant and lightweight, the Nurse Mates’ Velocity shoe offers an athletic feel while still being a professional-looking shoe...perfect for those offices with a strict dress code! The included Align orthotic insole helps to correct your foot alignment for optimal support and comfort, and padded soles offer extra shock protection. Available in neutral black, white and grey, the Velocity also comes in several fun prints and wide widths. Velocity Medical Shoe, Starting at $54.99 on Amazon

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18. Classic Leather Shoes, Starting at $34.17 on Amazon

Reebok’s Classic Leather Shoe has come a long way in fashion-forward designs since it was introduced in the 1980s, but it’s still a timeless classic. The soft and supple leather sneaker is paired with a die-cut EVA midsole (which offers excellent cushioning even after hours of standing on your feet) and a durable rubber outsole (that provides incredible traction). The Classic is available in men’s and women’s sizes. Reebok Classic Leather Shoes, Starting at $34.17 on Amazon

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