Sweet Dog in New York Keeps Getting Passed Up by Adopters and It's Heartbreaking

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We sure hope Johnny finds his forever home soon.

A Western New York-based rescue organization is stumped on why one of their adorable dogs isn't getting adopted. And to be honest, after watching this video, we don't know how anyone wouldn't want this cutie. TikTok user @sweetbuffalototherescue posted about the dog named Johnny in hopes that the Internet will work its magic and find him a forever home. 

Johnny is a 2.5-year-old Pit Bull mix and is sweet as can be. In the clip, Johnny is walking around what looks like a park or farmer's market with a foster parent. He's going up and saying hi to everyone. Aww! He's clearly a lovable dog which is why watching the video is hard. How has he not been adopted yet?! Trust us, you'll be wanting Johnny for yourself! 

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Aww! He's so stinkin' adorable! You can just tell how much he loved getting pets from everyone. Johnny was so sweet too. It didn't matter if he was with adults or kids, he loved them all. And then the pets from the police officers at the end. Ugh, too cute! 

"Let TikTok get him a home! Let's goooooo," said @Katiebatiefofatie. YES! Hopefully, by sharing this clip Johnny's future parents will find him! @kjo773 added, "Poor baby!! I hope someone adopts him soon! ❤️." Us too! The only thing Johnny wants in the world is some love! Is that too much to ask?!

Another TikTok user, @wendyewest, wrote, "I wish I could save all the dogs!!! 😳." Right?! We'd say a majority of people wish they could save every dog! If you're interested in adopting Johnny, and why wouldn't you be, check out Buddy's Second Chance Rescue website. Or check out some of the other doggos that could use a forever home!