This sweet dog is a helpless kisser

You should definitely try this at home! 👏👏 🐶

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    If you thought the days of awkward first impressions were over thanks to video calls and social distancing, you are sadly mistaken. User Meganjannooshh, a college student, took to TikTok to explain an embarrassing moment of her own. In the post, she said that for her Biology class, she had to post an introduction video.

  • This auditory illusion is going to make your brain cry

    Michael McBride is a content creator who runs the TikTok account idea.soup, which has bite-sized facts and information about all sorts of topics, from an explainer on how air conditioners work to the origin of the word “quarantine.” McBride’s most popular video, which is at almost 6.5 million views, is likely to give you a headache though. “This is an auditory illusion,” McBride writes in the video.

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    Seems like everyone is headed to the beach nowadays.

  • Sephora’s Fourth of July Sale is still going on with up to 50 percent off

    The Sephora Fourth of July Sale is still going, and you won't believe what's been discounted. All I can tell you is to have your wallets at the ready because there are products in the bunch as low as $4 right now, at Sephora. The Sephora Fourth of July Sale already has the featured items marked down and written in red.