Sweet Cat Returned to the Shelter for the Third Time Just Wants a Happy Ending

When you're in the market for a shelter pet, it's important to get to know them a bit before you adopt. Ask the volunteers what they've learned from spending time with each animal, and ask yourself if you're truly ready to be responsible for a furry little friend. You're taking care of a life, after all, and this is no small commitment.

Besides, you and your home aren't going to be a perfect match for every rescue pet you meet. Every animal has slightly different needs, and it can save everyone a lot of heartbreak to understand these needs before you sign the adoption papers.

Unfortunately for shelter cat Chocolate, his previous adopters were not prepared to give him everything he needed to thrive. He found himself at Orange Country Animal Services in Florida for the third time on March 15, but shelter photographer Albert Harris is determined to help him find his perfect home.

Aww! This affectionate kitty clearly just wants to be loved. He's so happy to see his friend, and he doesn't hesitate to ask for head rubs and pets. When I see just how loving he is, I almost find it hard to believe that it's his third time in the animal shelter.

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But sadly, he's found himself back in the same place yet again. Even though he was adopted as a kitten, he was found as a stray cat wandering an apartment building 3 years later. After being adopted again, he came back only 10 days later for being 'too vocal.' It's just heartbreaking!

Chocolate has no idea why he's back in the shelter, but luckily, he's still a happy cat. He's getting as much love and attention from shelter staff as he can, but nothing will ever come close to the love of a forever home.

Why Do Cats Meow?

Even though most cat owners can't even fathom surrendering a pet for being too vocal, it is worth asking why cats may repeatedly meow. Was Chocolate trying to tell his owner something? Or was this story just a cover-up for something else?

For cats, meows are just one way of communicating with other cats and their owners. It can mean anything from 'hello,' to 'please pet me,' to 'go away!' It's important to pay attention to a cat's body language and the tone of their meow to make an educated guess as to what it might mean.

If Chocolate were sitting next to someone or even pawing them while giving a short and sweet meow, he'd be asking for attention. But if he were repeatedly meowing while standing at a door, he might want to go outside. These are just examples, of course, but there are so many reasons behind a cat's meow. I have a feeling that, in the right home, Chocolate won't need to meow so much!

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