‘Sweatworking’ is the way to network while you work out — would you try it?

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In the wise words of Elle Woods, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!” Ever since we saw Elle Woods sweating it out on the treadmill while getting her work done, we have always aspired to multi-task while breaking a sweat. So, in the name of Ms. Woods herself, would you give “sweatworking” a try?

“Sweatworking” is a new trend that combines fitness and networking. Say goodbye to meeting up for drinks and conversation, say hello to spin classes and green smoothies. If you’re wondering how to become a sweatworking pro, Brit + Co. has you covered. They spoke with Didi Wong, a workplace expert, wellness coach, and yogi to discuss five ways to sweatwork like a pro!

1. Be approachable.


Sweatworking is all about connecting with people. Wong says:

“Give off good energy by smiling, and take the opportunity to start up a conversation whenever possible and, most importantly, when it feels natural.”


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2. Start genuine conversation.

Talking about your spin class is the perfect start! Wong says:

“A small conversation can pave the way for more conversations in the same class at the same time next week, and as time goes by, you can truly establish a rapport with the person. After all, you just never know what a newfound friendship can bring, business or otherwise!”


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3. Wear clothes that give you confidence.

If you’re sweatworking, leave your T-shirts from high school at home. Wong says:

“Invest in stylish, comfortable activewear, and be proud of your body. If you carry favorable vibes with you while working out, you’ll open the door for good people — and potentially good opportunities — to come into your life.”


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4. Compliment like you mean it.

Wong reminds us that it’s super easy to compliment someone and suggests you do it often and sincerely.

“People LOVE to hearing positive comments, whether it is about how they motivate you to keep up with the gym or how great their yoga poses are.”

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5. Stay focused on your workout.

Evey if you’re sweatworking, you should still get a good workout in. Wong says:

“Be present to each move you make and each breath you take.”


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All right, ladies — go out there and start sweatworking!

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