Swap out your rotten jack-o’-lanterns with these simple ‘jug-o’-lanterns’

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Decorating with pumpkins sounds great at first. Pumpkin carving can be a fun way to add a spooky touch during Halloween. 

But before long those pumpkins turn, attract bugs and get smelly. One mom on TikTok came up with the perfect decorating solution. Her advice: ditch the pumpkins altogether. You may want to try your hand at making some yummy pies and roasting those pumpkin seeds instead. 

Shari Medini of Adore Them Parenting substituted her jack-o’-lanterns with “jug-o’-lanterns.”

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“The pumpkins that we carved rotted within a week,” Medini said. “But these will last forever. Have kids use a Sharpie to draw a face onto a gallon jug. Then drop in some light sticks and watch them glow all night.’ 

To demonstrate, she cleaned out old gallon milk jugs. Then she drew faces onto the jugs with a Sharpie. Medini tossed a colorful glowstick into each jug and closed the lids. When she turned off the lights, each “jug-o-lantern” glowed green and orange. 

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The decorations would work both inside and outside, still capturing the spirit of a jack-o-lantern… without the mess. 

“Great idea for kids, very crafty,” one user said

“What a wonderful idea,” another wrote

“Seriously thinking about doing this,” someone added

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