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Suzanne Somers shares how she and Alan Hamel keep their sex life hot

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Suzanne Somers, author and businesswoman and star of "Three’s Company," discusses sex after 70 and how she and her hubby, Alan Hamel, have kept their romance alive after 50 years together.

Video Transcript

SUZANNE SOMERS: I picked the right husband. I believe he picked the right wife. We are unbelievably happy and secure together. I love when I am one with him and he with me.

I'm married to Alan Hamel. The best part about having a partner for almost 50 years is to realize the absolute great fortune of finding one another. I knew the day I met him, when I was 20 years old, I walked into a TV studio our chemistry was instant for both of us.

He's the greatest men I've ever known. And he treats me with such tenderness, care, respect, caution. He's my everything. I love to please him and that makes me feel very sexy when I'm pleasing him and same with him towards me.

I can't emphasize sex enough. I've got my husband on hormones. Just been on hormones, testosterone replacement for 25 years. He's in the mood. I'm in the mood. And if not, there's another hormone I take called oxytocin, which is the love and sex hormone. I can't wait every night to get into bed with my husband and we put our arms around each other, which is a beautiful thing.

What makes me feel sexy in my 70s is that I like who I am, that I like the way I look, that I take good care of myself, that when I walk down the hallway towards my husband naked, then I know he's just really enjoying looking at me.

When I broke my neck and spine this year, I couldn't get my bra on myself. So I'd have to ask Alan to hook my bra. Whenever he does, he rubs his hands down my body and goes, I love your body. And listening to this man tell me this all the time then I look in the mirror and I think, I do too.

Twice a week, we go out on an actual date because I just love to get dressed up. I put on my high heels and a cocktail dress. And he usually puts on his cool, tight black pants and his white dinner jacket. I like the way we look together. And we go out and have a cocktail, and a great dinner, and listen to the tinkling music, and we're living a very romantic sexy life.

What makes Suzanne Somers horny? Alan wears his shirt, button down. You can always reach inside his chest, his gorgeous chest. Sometimes, I reach inside his chest and it's like, wow. Alan and I do not sext at all. He's a radio guy and a TV guy with this deep incredible voice and his voice would just like turn me on.

The biggest misconception people have about sex over 70 is that you're not having sex anymore. And most of the 70-year-olds I know are having regular sex. It's not kinky. Some people are into kinky sex. It doesn't matter what kind of sex you're into. If it works for you, it works for you. You don't have to do it every day but regularly, it's a beautiful thing.

What a privilege to be together for 54 years and love each other. We're perfectly in love. I am in love with Alan Hamel and I know that he is in love with me. And it means everything to me. He means everything to me.