The Surprising Story Behind Joanna Gaines' Wildly Popular Magnolia Candles

The Surprising Story Behind Joanna Gaines' Wildly Popular Magnolia Candles

It's true. We can't get enough of Magnolia candles.

Little did we know, there's an interesting story behind the scented candles from Chip and Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Market. In a recent blog post, Jo shared the origins of the fan-favorite: "Before my first home show in 2008, I was shopping in Bryant Park in New York City when I met a candlemaker named Shane Nassar," Gaines shares, referencing trunk show-style events she'd host in the couple's house. "I instantly loved his candles—every scent had the most distinct and wonderful smell that instantly felt both familiar and nostalgic. My favorite thing about Shane’s candles was the crackle sound it made when it was burning, the wood wick felt so unique and special."

The initial 50 candles she ordered from Nassar for her home show sold out, and it was obvious they were a hit. Indeed, between the wood wick and the beautiful scents, it's hard not to love these long-burning candles. "I’ve been ordering from Shane ever since [that home show]—and over the years, worked with him to develop a full line of Signature Magnolia Candles," says Jo.

In the rest of the story, Nassar speaks with Magnolia about meeting Jo for the first time in Bryant Park, how the candles are made, and candle care tips. Read the full post here.

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Who knew that a mash-up between The Lone Star State and The Empire State could make for such a beautiful thing?