Surfer Nearly Decapitated by Giant Wave (Clip)

When a surfer approaches a closeout section, there’s only three options:

Pull in and get obliterated; straighten out and attempt to outrun the freight train of a wave following; or, if you’re lucky, kick out the back before it’s too late.

Quetzal Estrada went for the second option during a recent session at Puerto Escondido and, well, things didn’t go totally as planned for him. Here's the clip.

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Estrada gets whipped in via jetski, draws his line, then realizes the wave isn’t going to provide a clean exit. And so, he straightens out, hoping to have enough speed to ourun the wave.

But, alas, he does not.

The wave crashes directly on Estrada’s head. And this is no ordinary wave; it’s Puerto Escondido aka “The Mexican Pipeline”; and it’s not a small day, either.

Luckily, reports show that Estrada survived the detonation, and that he’s fine. Funny how sometimes the worst wipeouts ever leave the surfer unscathed, while something super minor can result in serious injuries. You just never know.

And, of course, this is a prime example of famed line the cult classic, so-bad-it’s-good film, North Shore:

“When the wave breaks here,” says John Philbin’s Turtle, “don’t be there…or you’re gonna get drilled.”

But then again, nobody listens to Turtle…

Puerto Escondido Stats/Info

Wave type: Beachbreak barrels

Skill level: Expert (when it’s on)

Best Board to Ride: Shortboard, towboard, gun, bodyboard, no board (bodysurf)

Season: Spring – Fall

Ideal Swell Direction: SW, SSW


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