Surfer Missing, Presumed Dead After Shark Attack

On Saturday, a shark attacked a surfer in South Australia.

The 46-year-old man was attacked while surfing Walkers Beach on the Eyre Peninsula. Rescuers arrived around 10:10am, and as of yet, the body has not been recovered.

There’s been no mention so far as to the size or type of shark. All that’s known is that an attack went down, and the victim has yet to be found.

“The only thing that was recovered was a surfboard,” a State Emergency Service member told 7NEWS Australia. “It’s absolutely tragic for this small community. This guy had come into our community; he’s only been here a short time.”

Apparently, the man wasn’t surfing alone when he was attacked. There were others in the water, too, who attempted to help when tragedy struck.

According to 7NEWS:

“The local teacher, who had only moved here this year, was surfing this morning with more than a dozen others, including children, when he was attacked.

“In the moment, surfers began swimming towards him to help. But he told them, ‘not to worry,’ and to get themselves to shore.”

Recently, another surfer was attacked by a shark in Australia. However, that one happened in West Oz, and the prominent local surfer, Max Marsden, survived the incident.

As for this attack, rescue efforts have been unsuccessful so far. Search party crews were deployed – including from the land, air, and sea – but they have yet to find a body.

Per 7NEWS: “At this stage, his body remains missing.”


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