‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Mod Adds Multiplayer Support for up to Ten Players

·1 min read

A modder has allowed players to play online with up to ten players in the single-player game Super Mario Odyssey.

The fan-made mod was developed by CraftyBoss and can only be playable on a modded Nintendo Switch console using an unofficial ROM. The unofficial expansion allows you to play the game online simultaneously with ten players and for players to share and sync progress while they embark on a journey to collect Moons together.

"Have fun exploring kingdoms with friends, playing game modes, or beating the game as fast as possible!" says a description of the mod.

The creator claimed that the mod is still in early development and has warned that players may encounter bugs and "un-refined aspects." However, CraftyBoss is promising that they will continuously work on improving the mod to make it as polished as possible.

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