Super-fun ideas for Labor Day weekend, no matter where you are

The holiday is coming up — are you ready?

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Though summer still has a couple more weeks to go, Labor Day heralds its unofficial end, which means amping up the celebration before summer vacations end and school is back in session. It’s a time to gather with family and friends, no matter the destination — be it in someone’s backyard for a fun barbecue and cookout, or taking in the wonderful surroundings of nature in the park or the beach to toast to some of the last days when the water and the weather will be warm enough to don your bathing suit.

Even if you’ve landed on the space, you still need to figure out which activities will make the day (and the entire weekend) fun for everyone involved. Enter: Walmart+, the membership that not only saves you money, but also gets you free same-day delivery of fresh groceries and more*. These benefits certainly come in handy on a major holiday like Labor Day when you want to stock up for the festivities beforehand, but may also need to put in an order the day-of to pick up some last-minute goodies. You can also expect the same, everyday low prices you love from the brand, as you won’t run into the per item markups that you may find with other online grocery delivery services.

While you’re getting ready to celebrate Labor Day weekend, here are some super fun ideas to make the holiday special.

Make some delicious popsicles

When the summer sun is blazing and the heat is high, there are few things more refreshing than a popsicle. And luckily, they’re super easy to make. All you need is a popsicle tray, such as the one below, a yummy beverage like lemonade and a freezer where you can leave the trays for a few hours. If you want to take your popsicles to the next level, add in some fresh strawberries or pineapple chunks that you can pick up in-store to add some natural sweetness and pops of color into the mix.

Bring the pool to you

Nothing cools you off on a hot summer day like a dip in the pool. You can gather with your friends and family at a local pool that already has everything you need, or you can bring the pool to you with an inflatable version — such as this ten-footer here — that can easily fit in your backyard. Make sure you have some cut fruit and vegetable trays stocked for snacking purposes as the poolside fun ramps up.

Have a beach party

It’s so important to get beach time in, as it’s not as much of a possibility once fall rolls around and colder temperatures set in. You can divvy up the responsibilities about what everyone can bring along. And if you want some healthy and affordable food options that will leave everyone satiated, but not so full that they can’t swim and play around, look no further than a slew of chef or cobb salad bowls that will make cleanup easy.

Cool off with a morning hike

Hiking is a wonderful way to spend a long weekend holiday, from getting out to the hiking site to taking your sweet time scaling your preferred mountain range. Every chance to get closer to nature and breathe in the fresh air feels life-changing at the moment. Bring along some healthy snacks such as Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn for a nice treat when you reach both the summit and bottom.

Barbecue, anyone?

A pastime that truly never gets old and encapsulates Labor Day weekend to the fullest is a backyard or park cookout with family and friends. Throwing some burgers and steak on the grill is a must, though you can’t forget some macaroni salad and veggie kabobs on the side.

Watch your favorite family movie

The outdoors are great, but if that’s not your speed, staying indoors is always fun, too. You can lay out some party trays, such as the dry sausage pepperoni tray below, your favorite chips and dip and put a classic family movie on the screen.

Take it inside with game night

Games are such a fun way to bond and add a little friendly competition into the mix. Whether it’s a classic card game like UNO, or the iconic and money-centric Monopoly, these games always draw people in and make for a lively day or evening. And don’t forget snacks, like delicious buffalo boneless wings and group-friendly pizzas that will keep everyone satiated and ready to play for hours on end.


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