This Super Easy Hack Will Help You Save the Extra Wax in Your Candle When It's Burnt Out

Kelly Allen
Photo credit: @ome/TikTok
Photo credit: @ome/TikTok

From House Beautiful

It’s always a bummer when you get to the end of a candle’s wick and see a decent amount of wax still surrounding it. Just think of those wasted burn hours! Thankfully, there’s a super easy hack that’ll help you still get use out of that extra wax, and all it involves is some hot water.

TikToker @ome shared a video of the hack that’s so beautifully simple. All you need to do is put hot water on top of the wax. The heat will make all of the wax bubble up to the top of the water, where it will then harden. Once it’s cooled down, you can pop it out by applying pressure. Not only can you use the extra wax in a wax warmer, but you can reuse the jar it came in however you want. Bonus: When the jar is warm, you can easily peel off any unwanted stickers, too.

Many people have tried this hack by placing the candle in a microwave to heat the water, but people in the comments of @ome's post pointed out that isn’t the best idea considering candles have metal in them. If you want to avoid any chance of blowing up your kitchen, you can boil water on the stove or in the microwave separately from the candle, and pour it on top. Other TikTok users wrote in the comments that you can also freeze the candle overnight, and then lightly tap it to get the wax out. One person wrote they just stab the candle to break it into smaller pieces. Go with whatever method speaks to you!

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