Super Bowl attendees were outraged over 'ridiculous' concession prices

Super Bowl attendees were outraged over 'ridiculous' concession prices. Fans attending Super Bowl LIV likely paid more than $6,000 per ticket, but that’s before they got to the concession stand. According to the Los Angeles Times, buckets of popcorn were going for $15, while a large Bud Light cost fans $17. The prices drew a range of reactions online, including some who called the situation “ridiculous” and borderline illegal. Others pointed out that the costs weren’t too different than those seen at other major-league sporting events, . with many adding that those who could afford Super Bowl tickets were likely OK with high prices. In 2018, fans were complaining about $16 nachos and $19 cheese curds — but that doesn’t mean this year’s costs weren’t comparably steep. According to Statista, the average price of a beer at an NFL stadium in 2019 was around $8.50, while soft drinks and hot dogs were close to $5 apiece. Prices at last year's Super Bowl in Atlanta were notoriously cheap, with a burger costing just $5