Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs Highlight Your Best Personality Traits

Sun Moon Rising Signs Meaning

Astrology is a great tool for self-discovery and predicting how our futures will unfold. But as fun as it is to check your horoscope and see what the stars have in store, some people just don't relate to their zodiac sign. Maybe you're a Virgo who can't stop procrastinating or an Aquarius who doesn't identify with that rebellious spirit. Even people who do identify with their zodiac sign might see themselves more in other signs some days. However, there's a cosmic explanation for this sensation: your sun, moon, and rising signs.

Your sun sign isn't the only thing that defines you. The moment you were born, the stars marked you with their own special energy, which can be discovered and analyzed through your birth chart. By delving deeper into astrology, you can gain a better understanding of your inner self and open up doors to self-discovery. In addition to your sun sign, the two main astrological placements that define your essence are your moon and rising signs. These three placements, known as the "big three," act as your soul blueprint.

If you're only familiar with your sun sign, no worries! Keep reading as we cover everything you need to know about your sun, moon, and rising signs (and what they mean) below.

What Are Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs?

Your big three refers to your birth chart's three most important placements: your sun, moon, and rising signs. In astrology, your sun sign represents your core identity, your moon sign represents your emotions and inner self, and your rising sign represents your first impression on the world. Your birth chart has multiple planetary placements, each providing insights into your personality and life's destiny. But before you dive deeper into your birth chart, finding your sun, moon, and rising is key to knowing yourself better.

Sun Sign: Your Heart and Ego Expression

Your sun sign is the placement that even the most casual astrology enthusiast (or skeptic) knows about themselves. Your sun sign is the part of your personality that spends the most time in the spotlight. It is your true essence of self. It’s your identity, your ego energy. When you are operating at the highest expression of your true self and in your groove, you fully embody your sun sign. Your sun sign dictates other things, too, like your inner creative voice and how to chase after all the things your heart desires. Like the sun in the sky, your sun sign shines bright and sets the tone for the rest of your chart.

Moon Sign: Your Emotional Landscape

Your moon sign indicates your inner world, emotions, and intuition. It's like the dark side of the moon - hidden from the chaos of daily life, but it affects how we navigate life. Your moon sign also determines how you respond emotionally to situations such as joy, disappointment, and pain. Additionally, your moon sign can strongly impact how your sun sign is expressed compared to the rest of your birth chart. If your sun and moon signs are in different elements or signs, it can create inner emotional conflict, but if they work together in harmony, it can enhance the positive energy of both placements.

Rising Sign: Your Energetic Signature

Your rising sign (aka the ascendant) is your energetic signature and gets its name from the zodiac sign “rising” on the eastern horizon at the moment you were born. The rising sign acts as a subconscious aura you radiate when people first meet you. You know when you meet someone for the first time, and you get a specific impression of them? The energy you’re picking up from them is probably a reflection of their rising sign. Of all the big three placements, the rising sign changes the most frequently, about every two hours – making it very important to the flavor of your sun and moon placements.

How To Find Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Before decoding your sun, moon, and rising signs, you’ll need a copy of your birth chart (also known as a natal chart). Sites like have free birth chart calculators to find your sun, moon, and rising signs. You’ll need three things to get started:

  • The time you were born

  • The date you were born

  • The city where you were born

Once you have that information, enter your time, place, and date of birth to find your sun, moon, and rising. You’ll receive a copy of your birth chart wheel along with information about your sun, moon, and rising signs, along with your other planetary placements.

Why Is It Helpful To Know Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign?

As a general rule in astrology, your inner planets, which include the sun, moon, rising, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, have a greater influence on your personality than the social planets or generational planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Because the inner planets move through the signs of the zodiac wheel more rapidly, they vary more significantly from person to person, making them more unique to each individual!

Sun, Moon, and Risings Meanings for Each Zodiac Sign

Learning your big three is just the beginning of understanding the astrology of who you are. Read to find what your sun, moon, and rising sign mean in each zodiac sign.

Aries: Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Sun: As the first sign of the zodiac, people born with their sun in Aries are fearless in their self-expression. They like to take action in the moment and figure out the details later.

Moon: People with their moon in Aries are emotional firecrackers who are never afraid to say how they're feeling. Expect big emotions and lots of passion with these folks!

Rising/Ascendant: Aries risings have a natural flair for competition and a desire to come out on top. They encourage others to do their best and strive to be the best in life.

Taurus: Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Sun: People born with their sun in Taurus are loyal, focused, and calm personalities. This earth sign has a determined spirit; they stand their ground when it matters most.

Moon: Taurus feels comfortable in the moon, giving people with this placement very easygoing and charming personalities. It takes a lot of pressure to rile their emotions up.

Rising/Ascendant: Venus rules over the energy of people with a Taurus rising, giving them a charming and alluring aura. Others can't help but be charmed by their social graces.

Gemini: Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Sun: Gemini suns are the social butterflies of the zodiac! They know how to effortlessly blend into any situation and communicate with people from all walks of life.

Moon: People born with their moon in Gemini like to talk about their feelings a lot. They believe that any emotional matter can be resolved through analysis or brainstorming.

Rising/Ascendant: Ruled by quick-thinking Mercury, Gemini risings know how to evolve with the energy around them. These creative folks love embracing the variety of life.

Cancer: Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Sun: Cancer suns are the nurturers of the zodiac, but they're also highly ambitious and driven. They prioritize safety, security, comfort, and family above all else.

Moon: People with their moon in Cancer are in touch with their emotions and possess empathetic qualities, enabling them to effortlessly tap into their psychic abilities.

Rising/Ascendant: Kind, joyful, and compassionate, those with a Cancer rising can't help but share the love in their heart with the world. These people exude friendly vibes!

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Leo: Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Sun: Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is why people with their Sun in Leo are so warm, bubbly, extroverted, and confident. These cosmic divas are always shining bright!

Moon: Having a Leo moon makes someone's personality magnetic and hypnotizing to others. They know how to be charming while remaining relatable and vulnerable.

Rising/Ascendant: Nobody can ignore the powerful glow of energy that radiates from a Leo rising. These fun-loving Lions are natural-born entertainers who ooze charisma.

Virgo: Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Sun: Diligent and focused, people with their sun in Virgo like to plan their lives out carefully for maximum results. Nothing gets past the watchful eye of this earth sign.

Moon: Virgo moons tend to approach emotional issues with logic and reasoning. They may appear closed off, but they are ultimately measured and calm people.

Rising/Ascendant: Virgo risings have a very pleasant and agreeable nature. They're highly valued for their reliability and helpfulness, making them easy to get along with.

Libra: Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Sun: Libra sun is the stylish socialite of the zodiac who's always making connections. They have a natural talent for succeeding in anything they put their mind to.

Moon: Having the moon in Libra is a sign of someone who prioritizes relationships and partnerships in life. They place great importance on the opinions of others!

Rising/Ascendant: People with a Libra rising have a harmonious and balanced outlook on life. They have an eye for beauty and seek it out in everything they consume and create.

Scorpio: Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Sun: Don't let this constantly evolving sign fool you! Scorpios suns are the mysterious and secretive water sign of the zodiac, but under that calm exterior is an untapped intensity.

Moon: The moon struggles in this sign, so people with their moon in Scorpio often fluctuate between bottling up all their feelings and then letting them all overflow.

Rising/Ascendant: Scorpio risings have that natural, sultry sex appeal that people can't get enough of. They know how to command the room and keep people's attention.

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Sagittarius: Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Sun: People born with a Sagittarius sun are free-spirited and independent, with a thirst for adventure that can take them on unexpected journeys around the world.

Moon: Sagittarius moons are very positive and uplifting personalities. They love connecting with others and seek out meaningful soul bonds in all their relationships.

Rising/Ascendant: Everyone feels lucky around a Sagittarius rising, and their upbeat, cheery disposition allows them to see the positive spin on any situation.

Capricorn: Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Sun: Capricorn suns are the hardworking high-achievers of the zodiac. Their disciplined approach to life ensures that they always come out on top.

Moon: People with a Capricorn moon may struggle with vulnerability due to a challenging upbringing. These people often had to raise themselves or were forced to grow up fast.

Rising/Ascendant: Capricorn risings are known for always going above and beyond in everything they do. They'll work harder and longer than anyone to achieve success.

Aquarius: Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Sun: Aquarius sun is the rarest zodiac sign of the bunch, which is why this air sign often feels like an outsider. However, their unique perspective on life is their secret weapon.

Moon: People with their moon in Aquarius can get lost in the logical side of their brains sometimes. But the right relationships can crack open a softer side few get to see!

Rising/Ascendant: Aquarius risings march to the beat of their own drum, never taking the expected path. And whether or not they realize it, they inspire people with their ideas!

Pisces: Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Sun: Pisces suns are the daydreamers of the zodiac, often lost between their dreams and reality. They're tapped into the Universe's magic and can use it to their advantage.

Moon: Pisces moons possess psychic sensitivity to the emotions and thoughts of others, allowing them to discern how others feel and what will make them feel understood.

Rising/Ascendant: Pisces risings have effervescent and bright personalities. They can morph into whatever the situation needs by attuning themselves to other's energy.

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