‘Summer House’ star Lindsay Hubbard details romance with Carl Radke: 'We're very much equal'

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It’s the summer of love for Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard!

The original cast member on the increasingly popular Bravo hit confirmed to various outlets this week that fan-driven speculation that she’s dating longtime co-star Carl Radke is true. However, she was living her best single life leading up to revisiting their romance. Not looking to be tied down after spending last season in an unhealthy relationship, Hubbard had herself a Hot Hubbs Summer — and viewers will see it all go down on Season 6 of Summer House, premiering on Monday.

In the latest episode of In The Know’s pop culture interview series We Should Talk, Hubbard opened up about all things Summer House Season 6, confirmed her relationship with Radke and shared why things work so well between them.

“Shared experience is a huge reason why it works in a relationship, right? Being able to share this [Summer House] experience with each other is a huge aspect because it’s not one person trying to explain to another or a significant other getting jealous of the other person’s notoriety,” Hubbard told In The Know. “We’re very much equal.”

Listen to Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard’s full episode of We Should Talk below, and keep reading for highlights from the interview:

On her relationship with Carl Radke: “Yes, we are [dating]! Everybody is asking everyone, [but] it’s very, very rare that we get to experience privacy in our dating lives — or even a honeymoon phase! We’re not filming right now, so I didn’t feel like I needed to give anyone any sort of update or confirmation on the status of my relationship. […] We wanted to keep it private for ourselves and enjoy each other’s company in that new dynamic. […] We both had very different head spaces back [when we first got involved romantically], and that was Season 4. We were also in the middle of filming where, I hate to say it, it is a tough environment to begin dating somebody. There are a lot of opinions, and you’re sharing a house with people, and there’s a lot of scrutiny. This time around, it’s very different. Timing is everything! I don’t think it would’ve worked until now for us to give it a go. It’s exciting, and we’re both very happy.”

On why her relationship with Carl Radke works: “Shared experience is a huge reason why it works in a relationship, right? Being able to share this experience with each other is a huge aspect, because it’s not one person trying to explain to another or a significant other getting jealous of the other person’s notoriety. We’re very much equal. This is the first time ever that I’ve been able to finally date somebody who is the exact equal as I am. That’s fun, and it’s exciting. We started the show together, and we’ve been on the exact same amount of time.”

On her mindset going into the season: “Last season of Summer House, I was very much tied down. I was in a relationship that wasn’t the healthiest of relationships, and right before going into filming this summer, I went through a pretty significant life moment. My summer could’ve gone [in] a very, very different direction. So once that happened, I just changed my outlook on how I wanted my summer to go. I really just wanted zero attachments and to just focus on having so much fun this summer — and I did. I can honestly say that I had the most fun summer of my entire life. […] I didn’t really let anybody else’s drama affect me so much this summer, whereas maybe in the past, I did. I was super focused on living my life, having fun and enjoying myself. I spent my entire life focused on my career and putting that first and attempting to have these relationships where I’ve made very terrible decisions because I wasn’t super focused on what I wanted personally in my life. This summer, a lot of me changing my mindset of just wanting to have fun also coincided with the decision that I made to put my career more on the back burner and focus on myself and what I wanted in my personal life.”

On where things stand with Austen Kroll: “Obviously, Austen comes out this summer. He actually came for my birthday weekend! It was a pretty big birthday, and I threw an epic, huge themed party! He came out for my birthday, and that was it. A lot gets accomplished when Austen’s in the mix. […] We still haven’t had any huge conversation since everything sort of went down with our friendship. I would like to, [and] I know that he would like to. I was just in Charleston with the Loverboy team when they were launching Loverboy in Charleston, and we were all together as a group — the Southern Charm crew and the four of us from Summer House — so, we were around each other, but we didn’t have the opportunity to fully have an in-depth conversation that I think this deserves. So, we still haven’t really spoken.”

Watch In The Know’s full interview with Lindsay Hubbard below, and tune into the Season 6 premiere of Summer House on Monday, January 17 at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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