'Summer House' star Carl Radke said Danielle Olivera's reaction to proposal 'was hard to watch'

Carl Radke is reflecting on how his engagement to Lindsay Hubbard played out on "Summer House." Gibson Johns interviews the OG cast member about all things Season 7 of the Bravo hit, including what it was like watching his proposal back on TV, how Danielle Olivera's reaction to the news differed from what he expected, whether he would've handled any of it differently and what the audience doesn't know about the leadup. They also discuss where his friendship with Kyle Cooke stands now, his desire to raise more awareness about addiction, what he hopes the future of the show looks like and the latest on his wedding planning with Lindsay.

Video Transcript

GIBSON JOHNS: And Kyle told you at the party, Danielle had an intense reaction. Just FYI, kind of gave you a heads up. But when you saw it on the show, how did that compare to what you sort of pictured in your head as to how she reacted? Like, did it-- did it meet what you thought it was? Was it more intense?

CARL RADKE: It was way-- it was more intense than I ever envisioned. You know, Danielle obviously has-- she has her emotions. She's valid in feeling these feelings. I think it's hard to kind of watch that back and see-- you can really see her struggling.


CARL RADKE: And obviously, you know, [? Dajna, ?] one of Lindsay's best girlfriends, is like, listen, like, I really-- you need to kind of get your [BLEEP] together here.


CARL RADKE: And I appreciated that from [? Dajna, ?] her saying that. But yeah, it was surprising to watch back. It's such a big moment. It's such a special day for us. And the thought of that little part of it maybe overshadowing it. And Lindsey and I talk about a lot, I mean, I'm not going let that overshadow it. You know--

GIBSON JOHNS: And you shouldn't.

CARL RADKE: --it's something that I think Danielle, hopefully, will learn from. I've certainly learned a little bit from it. But my intention was never to like, this is something I'm gonna use to like break Danielle's back with the relationship. It really wasn't that. But I can see how Robert and Danielle might-- me looping her in with the rest. But based on her behavior all summer, she was spending a lot more time sharing and talking with that other group anyway.