'Summer House' star Carl Radke on Danielle Olivera's reaction to proposal: 'I wish I had mentioned something'

Carl Radke is reflecting on how his engagement to Lindsay Hubbard played out on "Summer House." Gibson Johns interviews the OG cast member about all things Season 7 of the Bravo hit, including what it was like watching his proposal back on TV, how Danielle Olivera's reaction to the news differed from what he expected, whether he would've handled any of it differently and what the audience doesn't know about the leadup. They also discuss where his friendship with Kyle Cooke stands now, his desire to raise more awareness about addiction, what he hopes the future of the show looks like and the latest on his wedding planning with Lindsay.

Video Transcript

GIBSON JOHNS: I guess to some people and obviously to Danielle and Robert like grouping Danielle in with the girls is a sticking point I think because of Lindsay and Danielle's long friendship. And obviously they were having issues that summer, but I guess in hindsight, do you wish you had told her to avoid some of that or do you stand firm in your decision not to? I'm just curious like with some space from that moment and kind of seeing some of the things play out, do you think about that differently at all?

CARL RADKE: I mean, I absolutely do. Absolutely think about it differently. I mean, I think you can see it in the moment where Kyle is telling me at Dockers that Danielle was really upset. I mean, I'm in that moment like it all hit me like, holy [BLEEP]. That was never my intention to hurt Danielle make her feel excluded.

Looking back, I can totally see how her showing up to Dockers and seeing other girlfriends of Lindsay's there without her knowing, I can totally see that being really hurtful. That was not my intent. And I actually have the text messages I sent Lindsay's girlfriends. I never said I was getting engaged. I said her parents are coming as a surprise.

GIBSON JOHNS: Oh, interesting. OK.

CARL RADKE: And I literally I still have all text to all those girlfriends I texted, but the other part is they had to travel to be there. Danielle and the girls I knew that they were already going to be at Dockers because that's what we were doing as a group anyway. And sure, it was an oversight a little bit. Looking back, yeah, I honestly wish I had maybe mentioned something to Danielle in a way that would have made her feel less shocked. Yeah.