‘Succession’ Is Ending and the Internet Is Not OK

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How the Internet Is Reacting to Succession Ending

HBO knows how to keep people anticipating shows all year round. And of course, one of the most anticipated shows of 2023 is the return of Succession. The dark comedy/drama is one of the most popular HBO shows in years, spawning countless memes and causing viral freakouts online after just about every episode.

In a nutshell, the show follows the patriarch of a media conglomerate and his very rich, very spoiled kids who each want to take over the company after he retires (or, you know, dies). The problem? He can't decide who to pick, and loves to play mind games with his kids. Not to mention that his kids love to mess with each other, making promises and deals they renege on as soon as their father hints at who may be succeeding him. For an outsider, it's hard to describe how a show all about corporate meetings and short phone calls in black cars is funny, but trust us, it's hilarious. There's something silly about how desperately they all want to be their father's favorite, plus some characters (like Nicholas Braun's Cousin Greg) prove vital as actual comedic relief while everyone else around them is deadly serious all the time.

If it were up to the fans, Succession would go on forever. We can never get enough of Kendall, Shiv, Connor, Roman, and the absolute ridiculous lengths they're all willing to go to impress their father. Unfortunately, as Associated Press announced today following an interview with creator Jesse Armstrong in The New Yorker, Succession is on the way out, and its upcoming fourth season will be its last. The Internet didn't take the news well.

RIP Succession. We'll always have the memes.

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