How to Style Bangs That Were Cut Too Short, According to Hair Experts

Pros weigh in on how to turn your haircut mishap into a style statement.

<p>Wiphop Sathawirawong/Getty Images</p>

Wiphop Sathawirawong/Getty Images

Getting bangs can feel intimidating, regardless of whether it's your first or hundredth time in your hairdresser's chair. Although there's always a possibility of something going wrong at the salon, it can be particularly nerve-wracking when the stylist starts clipping straight across your forehead. There’s always the unfortunate chance they might cut them too short, leaving you with no idea of how to style them to your liking.

If the latter sounds like a personal memoir and you landed on this article because that fear has become a reality, don't panic. We interviewed two notable hairstylists who have shared tips for fixing bangs cut too short. Their suggestions include ways to conceal them completely, disguise them with trendy accessories, and—believe it or not—even make them wearable. 

Befriend Your Flat Iron

"Use a flat iron in small sections to 'lengthen' the hair," says celebrity hair artist Kieron Justin. "Try not to create too much bounce or flick them under as this will encourage the hair to sit shorter," aka, not look its longest. He advises to take your time flat-ironing them smoothly to fake the appearance of more length.

If you have access to a small iron (or the situation feels dire enough to invest in one), the size will work best for fringe because the plates are specially designed for mini sections of hair, and thus, you'll be able to "get closer to the root." (The BabylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Hair Straightener is one of our favorites, and it's available via Amazon Prime). 

Slick Them Back With Product

As you wait for your bangs to grow out, there's no harm in wearing them slicked back. To perfect the sleek look, apply a little pomade for hold and "comb your bangs back into the hair using a fine tooth comb," says Jenn Nast, hairstylist at Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger in NYC. Then, "comb your hair into a high pony or low bun," she continues, adding that you may need some hairspray to keep them locked into place for the day. 

Pin Them Back With Accessories

When in doubt, you can use accessories like classic bobby pins or trendy butterfly claw clips to conceal your short bangs. "Pin the fringe to the top of your head, twist it and pin it to one side, or opt for a ‘90s Y2K style and pin the fringe to each side of the head from a center part with snap hair clips," says Justin. We love the chic oval design of the Waydress Snap Hair Clips.

Wear a Thick Headband

Another option is to "wear a headband until the bangs are at a manageable length," says Justin. The good news is that thick jersey headbands are seeing a surprising revival among the fashion set, so you won't be alone in resurrecting the It accessory of the ‘90s. Need shopping inspo? Try the stylish Free People Juney Headband (which comes in five colors).

Fake Longer Length

If you're still eager to show off your new bangs, you can buy fake clip-in bangs that match your hair color to "sit over your shorter bangs while they grow out," says Justin. Alternatively, you could use tape extensions to lengthen your fringe and "cut them longer than the bangs." Just be warned that this might be challenging if you're not hair-savvy, and it's a process best guided by a professional. Nonetheless, he says it can be "really effective" in making your dream bangs a reality. 

Embrace the Length

Baby bangs and micro bangs are trending among celebrities and real people alike, meaning people of all hair textures and lengths are intentionally rocking extra-short fringes. In other words, no one will know it was an accident if you confidently embrace the style à la micro bangs convert Katy Perry.

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