Study Finds Passengers Trust Pilots With Midwestern Accents the Most

Flying on an aircraft means trusting the pilot flying it, and it turns out a pilot's accent can make a difference in how confident a passenger feels during a flight.

A new survey of 4,207 U.S. travelers conducted by Jetcost found that 54% of respondents are more or less confident in their pilot based on the pilot’s accent, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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When it came to which accents passengers trust the most, it was the Midwest and West Coast that most boosted confidence in the pilot.

Sixty-three percent of respondents said an Upper Midwestern accent made them trust the pilot's abilities, while 58% said the same of a Southern Californian accent.

Accents That Draw the Most Amount of Confidence

  1. Upper Midwestern — 63%

  2. Southern Californian — 58%

  3. Great Lakes — 51%

  4. Central Canadian — 45%

  5. Southwestern U.S. — 37%

The survey also found that some accents can lower a passenger’s confidence in a pilot.

These included a Texan accent, with 65 percent of respondents saying the accent would give them the least amount of confidence.

Accents That Draw the Least Amount of Confidence

  1. Texan — 65%

  2. New York — 59%

  3. General American — 54%

  4. Central Canadian — 45%

  5. Southwestern U.S. — 37%

While this seems to show U.S. passengers prefer a middle-of-the-country or relaxed West Coast accent the most, a 2010 survey in Britain seemed to find the opposite: found that British passengers felt safest with a male pilot with a “received pronunciation” Oxford accent, the Daily Mail reported.

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