Strippers, Tell Us The Secrets And Stories About Your Job That Most People Don't Know

Exotic dancers have one of the most interesting jobs in the world, possibly because it's a profession that's often looked at as taboo and isn't discussed very often.

Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez pole dancing in "Hustlers"

(Even though, of course, their work is totally valid.)


But because a lot of people don't know about the job, we'd love to hear from current and former strippers about your experiences, secrets, and stories.

Jennifer Lopez in a giant fur coat in "Hustlers"
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Maybe you performed at a bachelor party in a $100,000-a-night penthouse suite, and you have sooooooo many stories you want to share about the people and their requests.

Carey Mulligan dressed as a nurse, pretending to be a stripper in "Promising Young Woman"

If you've ever had to travel to a particular destination, do you always bring security or a bodyguard with you?

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Perhaps you've worked as a stripper for over a decade, and you just want to set the record straight about certain misconceptions that people might have about the job.

Channing Tatum stripping in "Magic Mike"

If you have years of experience, maybe you can easily spot which people in the club are secretly married. Or maybe you learned a particular trick that always gets you a bigger tip.

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Heck, maybe you're a straight man who stopped working at a strip club for women because you figured you'd make more money at a gay strip club.

Matthew McConaughey as a cowboy in "Magic Mike"

Perhaps it's easy for you to separate your sexual identity from the job, and you genuinely love what you do. Or maybe you're iffy about the work, but you feel pressured into keeping the job because it's good money. Or maybe the job just isn't what you thought it'd be and making a decent living off of it is much harder than you ever anticipated.

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Let's talk! Use the comment box below to tell us your wildest secrets and stories from your work as a stripper (or use this Google form if you'd like to remain anonymous).

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Feel free to provide any details you want — how long you've had the job, the best/worst parts of it, your biggest payday, and so on!

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The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!