Stray Dog Named Patches Gets Adopted into Loving Home After 1,900+ Days at the Austin Animal Center

Perri Ormont Blumberg
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There's nothing quite like dog love. And if you know the feeling of a loving embracing with a canine friend, buckle up for quite the sweet tale.

Readers, we'd like to introduce you to Patches, a stray dog who has called the Austin Animal Center home for more than five years. Now, the animal shelter is sharing an inspiring adoption story about the pit bull mix that warms our hearts just so. "Here's an adoption story 5 years in the making! Patches came to Austin Animal Center years ago and found a wonderful foster home. Long-time volunteer Sarah Throop captured the moment with the perfect words and picture," a recent Facebook post from the Austin Animal Center begins.

"Patches. After 1900 + days in the shelter system this girl was adopted by her foster on Friday. I have been photographing Patches since I first began as a volunteer at AAC almost five years ago. I adore this dog. She is bossy and smart . . . affectionate . . . vocal . . . she loves all people (and LOVES kids)," recounts Throop. "Forrest has been her person for a while now . . . they do so many things together. Forrest, like Patches, is an old soul . . . they just get each other. I think Forrest may have always thought that Patches was deserving of something more than he could offer her (something perhaps all of us feel every once in a while). But, as I watched them drive away in his pick-up truck last night (yes, that's a picture I wish I had captured) it was clear that she is exactly where she should be."

Dog or cat lover? If you're in the Austin, Texas, area, and interested in learning more about the Austin Animal Center, click here.


Sarah Throop

We're so glad to hear that Patches has found a loving home. We hope this Texas pups enjoys lots of long walks, spins in Forrest's pick-up, and plenty of treats.