The Strawberry Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius Brings Major Relationship Changes

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Photo credit: Getty/Katie Buckleitner
Photo credit: Getty/Katie Buckleitner

From Cosmopolitan

The strawberry lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5 kicks off this summer's eclipse season— because yeah, we're getting two more eclipses soon, on June 21 and July 5. This is also the first eclipse on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis in almost a decade, and it's closing one chapter while beginning another. BTW, about that "strawberry" name: a lunar eclipse always coincides with a Full Moon, and each month's full moon has a traditional name in the Farmer's Almanac. June's is the Strawberry Moon, because strawberries are in season.

Eclipses are always *intense*. They speed up necessary changes and bring truth to light. And this particular eclipse opposes Venus, who’s currently retrograde, and squares off with Mars and Neptune. Relationships will be tested. Breakups will happen. Secrets will be revealed.

Here's what that means for you:


You’ve been giving too much energy to your relationship. Now, you're running on empty. Spend time connecting with friends and family to boost your confidence.


Your crush is leaning on you for support... but not reciprocating your affections. Step up and have a convo with them to understand their feelings.


In a healthy relationship, frustrations can be released in better ways than bickering. Instead of arguing, use that pent-up energy to send a sext.


It’s okay to live in a daydream and fantasize about your ideal lover—but know that this dream person lives in your head. Sometimes you need to step out of your imagination and love the one you’re with.


Setting limits with your boo/crush is important. Once you create boundaries, you’ll be able to find the balance that you both need.


You're focused on giving 100% to others, but what about your needs, bb? Self-love is your cosmic message right now.


You haven’t been getting along with your S.O./FWB lately. If you both have the right attitude and talk about your feelings honestly, then you can work out your issues.


It’s time to boss up! Your current crush is taking charge in your situationship, which fan be fun, but soon you'll be ready for a role switch.


Your'e asserting yourself, but your crush/boo might not be too happy about it. Whatever you're arguing about, choose your words wisely and with compassion.


Issues that you thought you'd resolved are coming back up. Instead of pushing the problems down and letting them stew, discuss the matter openly to avoid resentment.


Your lesser-known sensual side is coming out to play. Try a new kink, buy a fun sex toy, or even sign up for a Zoom sex party. Enjoy!


It’s never too late to say you’re sorry—even when you think you’re right. Instead of arguing 24/7, hear your sweetie out. You might find that you're at fault, too. Find a balance in your relationship for a healing space.

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